G.4 Blizzard Slim All White

All White Slim
G.4 Blizzard Slim All White
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: All White Slim

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Strong

Swedish Match is now back with a new all white snus. G.4 Blizzard Slim All White has a minty flavour with an icy sensation under your lip and brings a perfect freshness completely without tobacco taste. It is long lasting with strong nicotine and is a flavour experience. A smooth aroma with mostly peppermint but also natural mint along with some sweetness. Great for those who are true lovers of minty snus.

The pouches are known to be soft and easily adjusted under your lip. The G.4 Blizzard Slim All White is unique with a comfortable fit and feels great under your lip, like it is meant to sit there. Like the name reveals, the pouches are all white and do not leave stains. It is similar to the Epok snus with its all white slim format.

G.4 stands for the fourth-generation snus from General, they aim to surprise and satisfy with their creativity in flavour and innovations. We all know there is more to come and simply long for all their new variation. When one may think it cannot get better than this, general launches yet another favourite.

Nicotine content:1.9%
pH value:8.5
Moisture content:36.1%
Snus Weight / box:19.2 g
Weight / portion:0.8 g
Number of prills / dosa:24 pcs
Sustainability:140 days

Declaration of content
Water, filler (E 460), vegetable fiber, moisturizing agent (E 422), tobacco (contains nicotine), vegetable oil, salt, acidity regulating agent (E 525), flavorings, sweetener (E 950).

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March 19, 2021
Not bad but not great either
Slightly mint flavored. Some vanilla mixed in. Kick not bad. Pouches are very comfortable. Was hoping for it to be like G4 Tact but larger pouches. Some sting but not much.
Richard Price
February 22, 2020
It Bites
My usual, favorite, is General Mint. This has little to no "mint" flavor and "bites." More "sting" than General Mint. I do like the pouch design but definitely not the flavor. I had hoped to get an all-white [no stain] to replace the Mint, but this doesn't work for me!