G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White

All White Slim
G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: All White Slim

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Strong

G.4 (All White) Blue Mint has a slightly sweet taste of peppermint along with delicious notes of spearmint and a rather earthy mint character in the background. There are also hints of a classic tobacco character, though it is very slight. The pleasant and familiar cooling effect comes on after a portion has been placed under the lip due to the use of peppermint.

As always with General's products the flavour is fantastic, well executed and has excellent quality but that is not why we have longed to present this snus to you. We are excited because this is a new generation in the General family and contains all-white tobacco that neither stains your teeth nor drips. It is portioned into soft, slim bags with a comfortable shape to best fit you under the lip.

It is refreshing to see that such a classic brand isn't afraid to innovate and to then manufacture a snus that is almost the complete opposite to the first generation of General is brilliant, bold, daring and well - awesome! Very cool, Swedish Match. The name of the product, "G.4" stands for the fourth generation of General which hopefully means we shall see more of these all-white snus products from General soon!

Declaration of content
Water, fillers (E 460), plant fibers, humectants (E 422), tobacco (containing nicotine), salt, aromas, acidity regulators (E 525), emulsifiers (E 471), sweeteners (E 950).

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pat krause
September 11, 2020
broken pouches
i love these pouches and i can only get them from other countries besides the us and when they came this time every single can out of the full roll had at least 4 broken and spilled pouches in the can ive ordered from this website multiple other times but nothing like this happened
David Anderson
April 19, 2020
Good taste
This Snus has a good mint taste with no tobacco taste. The nicotine seems to be about average strength. The portions are slim and fit very well in the lip.