G.4 Blush Slim All White

All White Slim
G.4 Blush Slim All White

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: All White Slim

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Strong

G.4 Blush Slim All White has unfortunately been discontinued.

The G.4 Blush Slim All White was first on the snus market with a taste of ginger and blood orange. A light yet spicy characteristic that gives that little extra tingly sensation. The elements of ginger and blood orange are very distinct and are also present in the lovely fresh aroma. The unique flavours are combined with hints of bitter orange and carrot to give the snus that little extra memorable touch!

The pouches are slim and all white, a format that fits perfect and discreetly under your lip. The all white pouches are dry on the outside and moist on the inside to preserve maximum taste which creates less drip and a longer-lasting flavour release. Don’t worry, it has the same nicotine release as traditional snus with a 1.2% nicotine level.

G.4 is the fourth generation of snus from General, it is well known for the all-white snus that stays white both before and after usage. Preventing discolouration on teeth. Some say it’s the new era of snus! Other brands found in the selection are G.4 FU:ZN, G.4 Blizzard, G.4 CYRO and G.4 Blue Mint, all in slim all white format

Declaration of content
Water, fillers (E 460), plant fibers, humectants (E 422), tobacco (containing nicotine), salt, aromas, acidity regulators (E 525), emulsifiers (E 471), sweeteners (E 950).

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Robert wright
May 1, 2020
wish it were stronger. its orange and ginger. was afraid the orange would be too acidic but thats not the case. about to buy more right now
April 28, 2020
Great ginger flavor
This is a wonderful snus if you like ginger. It is strongly ginger forward and has a little bite along with it, much like eating pickled or raw ginger. The orange is mellow, but still there.
February 19, 2020
Bitter aftertaste. Manufacturer needs to rework this flavor or discontinue it if it cannot be improved.
December 3, 2019
Very Satisying Flavor!
I wanted a break from tobacco tasting snus so I tried the G4 line. Tried all but the Blizzard and Tact. Blush is my favorite; Fuzn second; Blue Mint third; Fizzy fourth. (To my taste, Cryo tastes like Blue Mint, just with more nicotine.) Blush has a very unique taste of orange and ginger (with other flavors). I usually don't like ginger and almost didn't order it. Glad I did! The combined flavors create a fantastic and unique taste that has no comparisons. I have to use self discipline to refrain from using one after another. The flavor and gentle sweetness are perfect to me. The nicotine level to me is just right. If you're used to tobacco taste only, it will take a few pouches to adjust to these flavors. I enjoy the G4 flavors; they're all I use now. I'm looking forward to see what they will introduce next.
One Niner
November 1, 2019
After trying over a dozen flavors and strengths over the past few years, I had settled on only Fu:zn as my go to suns. I always have a roll on hand even when sampling other flavors and brands. NOW, I have TWO go to flavors. Blush is great. Give it a try for sure.
Avery Lorenzato
August 13, 2019
My all time favorite snus
I switched to all-white snus about two years ago in order to appease my girlfriend and I vastly prefer this flavor to all other white flavors I've ever tried both by general and others. From general I've tried fuzn, blizzard, cryo, the standard blue mint and this one. I've also tried lyft lime, epok blueberry, and several types of zyn . This is by far my absolute favorite of all of them. I think the ginger blood orange flavor is not too strong and most importantly it doesn't taste artificial. It's pleasant and not overpowering. I've been pretty much exclusively using this flavor for about 7 months now and I'm still not whatsoever burnt out on it. I've tried probably about 80+ snus varieties and I like general standard & goteborg the most for traditional snus most of the time and ettan when I'm drinking beer. I don't like crazy flavors (lingonberry Goteborg once in a blue moon but that's it) and this one feels right. 10/10 all time favorite white snus. I'm buying 10 rolls the next time I order so I don't run out as quickly.
Russell Gatten
June 24, 2019
You'll need to ready it :-)
I'll give the packaging 5 stars. Mom always told me that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."