G.4 FU:ZN Slim All White

All White Slim
G.4 FU:ZN Slim All White
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: All White Slim

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Strong

All white snus products are popping up from all corners of the snus market, and General were not slow to follow. The G.4 FU:ZN Slim All White is part of General's Generation 4 which is meant to entail only all white snus products. The flavour is pure genious with its fresh note of green apples along with a sweet touch of spearmint. In the background you will notice delicious hints of vanilla and coconut which are truly complementary to the apples. The tobacco character is very present with a slightly spicy character but does by no means outshine the perfectly balanced taste of apples.

This snus delight is packed into a slim pouch format which gives optimal fitting. The slim pouch has a shape that will give you a neat custom-made feeling and is hardly noticeable. The tobacco inside stays white before, during and after usage which makes this a great product if you wish to be discreet about your snusing.

Generation 4 is ever growing, so is the market for all white products overall, but thanks to Swedish Match stringent quality controls we know this product is of highest possible quality.

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