Nordic Spirit Mini Smooth Mint

Mini Nicotine Pouches
Nordic Spirit Mini Smooth Mint
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Manufacturer: Nordic Snus AB

Model: Mini Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 36.00 g / 7.00 g

Strength: 8 mg/g or 3 mg/pouch

Nordic Spirit are among the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the market, understandably, since everything that is released comes out so great! Their Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Mini is an example of how ingenious their products are. The Smooth Mint consists of an intensely refreshing menthol character that is smoothly blended with notes of sweet peppermint – together they form a fresh, almost icy mint experience that is rounded off with a creamy presence. The Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint also exists in a stronger version!

Each pouch has a so-called mini shape, something that makes them uniquely invisible under the upper lip. The format is slightly more square-shaped in comparison to slim pouches, that are typically quite long. The mini format in Smooth Mint produces a comfortable fitting and since the pouches are tobacco free you can also enjoy these without having to worry about stained teeth or drip! The nicotine strength is around regular level, meaning, around 8.57 mg/g which is the level most users are comfortable with.

Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint was first released as a slim pouch, back in 2018, but because of its huge success Nordic Snus (the producers) thought it was time for a smooth mint with even better fitting – the mini version!

Declaration of content
Fillers (E965, E460), chewing gum base, nicotine, acidity regulating agent (500), flavor, moisture preservative (1520).

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Michael Sickels
October 15, 2020
First time trying a nicotine pouch
Before this, I've really only used General Mint Portions. I have to say that I really enjoy this product. I noticed that although the nicotine content per pouch is lower than General Portions, it has nicotine salts which get into your system a bit faster. This gave me the feeling that it was just as strong, if not a little stronger than a General Portion. I do prefer the flavor of this Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch more. The mint is smooth, not strong and the flavor doesn't get rancid at the end of the hour like tobacco snus. I'm gonna alternate my General Portion cans with this for a nice change of pace each week!