Skruf Super White Slim Polar #3

Nicotine Pouches
Skruf Super White Slim Polar #3
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.30 g

Strength: Strong

The Skruf Super White Slim Polar has a refreshing taste of eucalyptus and menthol, it is different to the Skruf Fresh series with a hints of liquorice in the background that is only slightly noticeable. A unique flavour combination which is similar to the Skruf Polar White Slim but without the taste of tobacco. Minty flavours are always much appreciated with that little extra sting from the cooling sensation under your lip.

The nicotine pouches are super white and leave no discolouration on your teeth, a big plus when you want to flash your bright smile! They come in a slim format and are very discreet under your lip. The nicotine level is strong with a #3 labelled on the can, the content is 12mg/g, but not quite strong enough to completely knock your socks off.

The Skruf Super White series has a wide range in both strengths and flavours, they have so far not failed in surprising us with new, fun innovations. The factory is located in the south of Sweden but you are sure to find the Skruf brand all around the world, they have been active on the snus market since 2002.

Declaration of content
Water, plant fibers, humectants (E422 / E1520), flavor enhancers (saline), aromas, nicotine, salmiak salt, acidity regulator (E500).

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