Dip Mix Taco

25 gram
Dippmix Taco
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Manufacturer: Orkla Confectionery

Model: 25 gram

Weight / Snus: 25.00 g / 0.00 g

Strength: Normal

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Dip Mix Taco is a seasoning with herbs and spices that blend together as the perfect added flavor to your evening snack or lunch break. It is a natural mix without food enhancers that brings the little extra to your snack.

Ever heard of Taco-Friday? In Sweden we live for taco Fridays, it’s the best way to start your “Fredagsmys”. The Dip mix Taco flavor mixed with 3dl sour cream, crème fraiche or natural yoghurt is also the perfect dip for grilled food, cucumber/carrot sticks or with salted crisps. It has a classical tex-mex seasoning with paprika, chill pepper and onion.

The packaging is easy to bring along to any gathering and is designed with a red appetizing front with unique design showing the main flavors.Some history: the creators of Wasabröd AB founded Olw, they got into the business 1919. From the very beginning all they produced was bread. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Wasabröd AB together with an American company called Borden Foods Inc that todays OLW production, as we know it, began. They called it Old London Wasa.

This product is gluten free.

Declaration of content
MILK SUGARS, paprika, salt, modified starch, sugar, grape sugar, cumin, chili pepper, onion, spice, acidic regulating agent (citric acid), yeast extract, spice extracts (peppers).

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