OMNI by General

OMNI by General

A powerful sensation in white

Omni by General is the product of ingenious innovation resulting in a discreet snus that delivers flavor and nicotine efficiently. These unique pouches are all white and completely dry which results in a pouch that is perceived as much more discreet - a quality that is becoming increasingly popular among users. Dry pouches are usually considered to give a very slow delivery of flavor and nicotine, however, these all-white pouches give a quick and even release that lasts longer. Omni is the latest addition to the General family and is comprised of two delightful flavors: a slightly salty licorice and a fresh peppermint.

So, what’s the secret?

These largely appreciated qualities that allow each pouch to give a powerful delivery of flavor are mainly the product of a patented production technology used in the manufacture of Omni’s snus. With this technology each pouch contains less tobacco than traditional snus as it is being mixed with cellulose fibres and other approved food additives instead. Moreover, snus is regulated as a food product in Sweden and the manufacturers of this product strictly observe the stringent quality standard known as Gothiatek.

Omni and other pouch types

Original portion snus – These pouches are much less discreet than Omni’s all-white pouches due to the moist surface. They have a very rapid release of nicotine and flavour, and consist mainly of tobacco. The brown, moist exterior is a result of a dampening process that takes place after they have been manufactured and causes dripping during usage.

White portion snus – These white sachets aren’t dampened in the manufacturing process, resulting in a much drier pouch. White portion is more discreet than original, however, not on the same level as Omn’s all-white pouches. The dry exterior on white portion snus causes the release of nicotine and flavor to be slower yet more even than original portion snus.

Omni’s all-white portion snus - Cutting edge production technology that has given us a unique sachet for an optimal experience. These have not been dampened during manufacturing and contain a much lesser amount of tobacco than the original portion snus. Instead, the sachets contain a mix of cellulose fibres and other food approved additives. The pouches are completely white and dry, making this a very discreet snus product. Users may experience a slight delay of flavor and nicotine due to the dryness, only to last longer once established.

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