Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches

Buy nicotine pouches without tobacco

A nicotine pouch is a new kind of portion snus without any tobacco. It started with the all white product containing less tobacco, which then turned into a tobacco free product with brands such as On! and Lyft, previously branded Epok.

The nicotine pouches on the market come in a vast variety of flavours with something for everyone! The best part is that the pouches are all white and leave no discolourations on your teeth. If you choose the mini or slim portions you will also find that the portions fit very discreet under your lip.

Other brands that also produces nicotine pouches are ZYN and Skruf. Zyn was among the first tobacco free products on the market, once it increased in demand the other manufacturers followed. Shortly after the Skruf SuperWhite snus entered the market.

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