Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches

What are Nicotine pouches?

In short, nicotine pouches are tobacco free snus pouches that taste, feel, and look exactly like any regular snus product you have used before. They are absolutely revolutionary as they allow snusers to have the same experience as with regular snus but without the possible downsides of tobacco. The nicotine pouch comes in a huge variety of nicotine strengths and flavours. In addition to being delicious, efficient in terms of nicotine release and well, simply ingenious, they are also available to be bought within the EU and UK!

Times change – as does the way we snus

It was in the early 1800's that snus as we know it today was born. Tobacco has always been a huge part of not only Swedish culture, but of many cultures around the globe. The history of snus dates as far back as Christopher Columbus travels where he encountered a strange powder containing tobacco that was "snuffed" by locals. The point is, tobacco has always been around and although we all love a truly classic snus product with a heavy tobacco character times are simply changing and there is in fact room for this change. At least to some of us.

It is no secret that our society is becoming increasingly aware of health, cleanliness and our impact on the environment. Even upon turning on the television you will be met by ads, commercials or just general comments that implore us to exercise more, beware of our eating habits and above all get educated on how our habits impact the environment. A few decades back, someone was growing tired of drenched brown pouches that dripped a lot, making the snus pouch very much visible to onlookers. This someone realized there was a gap to be filled in the market, a gap that was filled by the launch of our first ever white snus product. This was huge! A snus that was more discreet and that also gave a longer nicotine release. What could possibly come next, everybody thought?

Many years later, it became apparent to snus manufacturers that a huge deal of snus enthusiasts were longing for something else, something fresher, something that would taste a little less robust and downright earthy. Here is where the first ever flavoured product was born, and with it, a whole new way of snusing was beginning to unfold. There was now peppermint, spearmint, ice mint (well, all kinds of mint) along with exotic flavours of melon, strawberry and even cinnamon, a flavour for everybody, really. Along with this came the incredible slim portion, something that was truly remarkable and hugely popular almost immediately. All of these steps have led up to what we now know as the “all white” or “super white” product generation, or rather, game changer. Because now, we can snus without the presence of tobacco! Along the road it became hard to ignore the fact that snusers were looking for a healthier, cleaner and above all fresher option than our beloved classics. Manufacturers came up with a way to remove tobacco from the equation, which also means being able to ship snus to fans within the EU.

What are the ingredients of a nicotine pouch?

Tobacco free nicotine pouches are manufactured using environmentally friendly means whereby plant fibres are mixed with nicotine and flavours to create the same experience as with regular snus. The plant fibres are flavourless, which is why the snus flavour remains so authentic and remarkably similar to regular flavoured products. When Epok was discontinued it was replaced by a new brand called Lyft. Fiedler & Lundgren, the manufacturers’ behind both products, removed the tobacco component from Epok, replaced it by plant fibres and eucalyptus and ended up with a fantastic product – Lyft. The flavourless plant fibre mix made it possible to create products that had virtually the same flavour, feel and look as their predecessor Epok.

The best nicotine pouches and top brands

The nicotine pouches we offer are all of highest possible quality and are manufactured by the very best. Here is a list of our top nicotine pouch brands:

ON! - Offered in three flavours, citrus, licorice and mint the On! Products are among the most popular within the All White category, and we can clearly understand why. The products are not only delicious, comfortable and nice to look at, they are also offered at two different strengths allowing the snuser to scale down on their nicotine intake if they wish to. Many people use all white products as a way to quit snusing!

Lyft – Lyft products take over after a long and impressive Epok career that has sadly come to an end. Lyft is virtually the same as Epok in terms of flavour, feel and comfort, but is 100% tobacco free. The perfect choice if you loved Epok’s delicious product assortment and you really did, didn’t you?

Zyn – These are incredible and have been around as a tobacco free alternative for a longer time than the rest being one of the first all white brands on the market. Zyn is available in a range of flavours and offer the same comfortable, slim fit as regular snus.

Skruf – When Skruf saw the incredible success rate of all white products on the market they were quick to join the “super white” club as they call it. In 2018 Skruf launched two flavours, Fresh and Cassice that are both a must try. Fresh is a flavour you are all familiar with from previous slim fresh white obsessions, but the Cassice is not only new but absolutely unique. The flavour is of black currant which is currently the only product on the market that exists in that flavour.

Keep a keen eye out for more unique flavours and brands!

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