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Buy Swedish snus from Snus Direct and have fresh Swedish snus delivered straight to your door. We guarantee fast, easy and cheap delivery all over the globe. Explore our vast selection of snus in search of your favourites and place your first order online today.

Many years’ experience with snus online

Snusers all around the world have been purchasing snus online from SnusDirect ever since the startup in 2010. All of our snus products are being shipped without the unnecessary use of middlemen, thus allowing us to always offer high quality, fresh snus at a low price. You can freely choose to select only a few cans, perhaps to try a new flavor, or an entire roll of 10. Should you choose to order an entire roll online, the price is markedly lower than if you select individual cans.

Cheap snus for all occasions

Whether you prefer the discrete and comfortable feel of a slim pouch, a neatly handbaked loose snus or perhaps a snus completely rid of all nicotine and tobacco - you are sure to find your perfect match at SnusDirect. So, take a couple of minutes to browse through our wide range of both classics and new, innovative snus products you won’t find at your nearest tobacconists’. You will notice that what they all have in common is a reasonable price and an easy click away. In all, there are many benefits to ordering your snus online.

Fresh snus from the West Coast

Our warehouse is located on the west coast of Sweden, in a small picturesque town called Grebbestad. During weekdays we receive daily deliveries of fresh snus that is then placed in refrigerators as is recommended for a long lasting snus. You can therefore rest assured that the snus you order online is always fresh and of high quality.

It is from this warehouse that all of our distribution takes place. Over the years we have provided snusers in 100 different countries around the globe with snus. An impressive figure since, unfortunately, we are prohibited to distribute snus within the EU.

We distribute mainly through the means of either PostNord or UPS. PostNord use a more traditional means of delivery, letter postage, which is cheaper but slightly slower than UPS from whom you can expect delivery within a few days. When choosing to have your order shipped through UPS, SnusDirect will climate compensate your shipment to reduce emissions.

Quality control from seed to can

It has always been our priority and ambition to offer snus that is not only delicious and enjoyable, but of the highest quality. Therefore, all our snus products only come from manufacturers to whom this is equally important.

The majority of our assortment (more than 100 different snus brands) comes from the most renowned and accomplished snus manufacturer in the world - Swedish Match, with well-known products such as General, Ettan and Kardus.

We also have a complete selection of Jakobsson and Qvitt snus, which is manufactured at their factory in Gotland. For those preferring strong snus, or perhaps wishing to snus organic products we also offer a wide range of Skruf’s snus. We also have good replacements for popular american brands such as Marlboro and Camel snus.

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Payments & shipping

Our shipments are always fast and with a low price. We use Swedish Posten and UPS. At you pay fast and secure with credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Or make advance payments using bank wire transfer.

how to use Swedish snus

How do you use snus?

Snusing is easy, but it can look like a total mystery to the snus novice. Portion snus is pre-packed which makes it easy to use, but you'll find that with the right technique loose snus is a walk in the park too. Luckily, we have jotted down a step by step guide with illustrations to help you out if you're feeling unsure. So, how do you snus?

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EU snus ban

When Sweden first joined the EU in 1995 it was exempted from the current Europen Union ban on snus. Though Sweden is exempted from this ban, other EU countries are unfortunately not. It is still illegal for customers in other EU states to buy or order snus online. But the story seems far from over.

Icon Swedish snus

Swedish snus

The Swedish snus was introduced, and with a relatively cheap manufacturing process, it almost erased the use of nasal snuff and chewing tobacco completely. It soon became industrialized and a number of manufacturers with related brands saw the light of day.

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