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Buy Swedish snus through We guarantee secure payments, fast deliveries, and always with a low price. Purchase today and fresh snus will be delivered to your front door within days. We offer a wide range of snus products in hope for you to discover your favorite flavor.

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Our shipments are always fast and with a low price. We use Swedish Posten and UPS. At you pay fast and secure with credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Or make advance payments using bank wire transfer.

how to use Swedish snus

How do you use snus?

How to put a pounch of snus in the month is a well known experience for some - but for some it's looks like a total mystery. Either if you use portion snus or loose snus the principle is the same. We have written a summary of how to use the differnt kind of snus whith illustrations showing the same. So in short - how do you do when you snus.

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EU snus ban

When Sweden first joined the EU in 1995 it was exempted from the current Europen Union ban on snus. As Sweden was exempeted there is still illegal for customers in other EU states to buy snus in stores or order online. But the story seams far from over.

Icon Swedish snus

Swedish snus

The Swedish snus was introduced, and with a relatively cheap manufacturing process, it almost erased the use of nasal snuff and chewing tobacco completely. It soon became industrialized and a number of manufacturers with related brands saw the light of day.

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