Strong snus

Strong snus

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Strong snus is richer both in tobacco flavour and nicotine. It's suitable for those who would like a higher nicotine content, but still prefer the small portions available in traditional snus. Pre-prepared portion sized snus is discrete and doesn't leave any tobacco traces in your mouth. If you prefer, strong snus is also available as loose snus. The Swedes are passionate about their snus, and therefore give you a wide variety of choices both when it comes to flavour, portion design, strength and even can design.

How do you choose the right snus for you?

The difference between traditional snus and strong snus can be compared to coffee. Strong snus is richer and more aromatic in taste. It also has a higher level of nicotine, so you can get greater effect by using the same portion size.

The Swedes are as picky about their snus as most people are about their coffee, and the flavour of the tobacco is just as important as the level of nicotine. In Sweden snus is a passion, if not an art. Strong snus is available in a variety of different flavours and in addition, you can choose the shape of the portion size to perfectly fit your mouth. Another feature of strong snus is the choice of the different degrees of moistness. The moistness ultimately decides how quickly the nicotine and the tobacco flavour are absorbed in your mouth. The loose snus and the original portion are very moist, and the taste and nicotine effect is more instant. Snus marked as white is drier snus, but also the most discrete. It’s possible to choose different kinds of moistness, to fit different social occasions. Strong snus comes in a variety of tastes – ranging from a smokey tobacco character to a chocolate undertone or perhaps a hint of tropical fruits. Many products contain an added flavour, such as the tropical fruit, but can also include tones of juniper berry or bergamot, liquorice, mint, herbs and spices. These flavours can be combined with the different portion sizes, all designed to meet the customer’s unique needs for nicotine level and discretion.

Does quality matter?

When it comes to tobacco, many people are unaware of the fact that many tobacco products contain a lot of additional additives; just like all food naturally contains undesired substances, like the high levels of arsenic you find in rice. Swedish snus aims to produce as pure a tobacco as possible, without additives and keeping natural hazardous substances to a minimum. This isn’t just a commercial statement to increase sales, the Swedish snus producers take their responsibility concerning this matter very seriously. The snus giant Swedish Match have developed their own quality standard called GOTHIATEK that even goes beyond the tobacco regulations of both WHO and the Swedish government. One of the cornerstones of the GOTHIATEK quality standard is control at all stages of the manufacturing process and full transparency concerning this process. So when you choose Swedish snus, you know it's one of the safest tobacco products in the world.

Want to make your own snus?

Yes, it is possible! You can choose from a variety of different tastes to create your own favourite snus combination. If you want some expert advice on how to get started, you can get recipes for different combinations developed by true Swedish snus experts and enthusiasts. Try this combination for example: Orange, cardamom, apricot, whisky and cinnamon! Or how about honey and ginger? You can also, for example, choose to give your combination a smoky texture. To personalize your snus even more, you can even buy some stylish accessories to go with it. Combine strong snus with your own personalized flavour combination, unique degree of moistness and portion design to perfectly suit your needs for a whole new experience.

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