Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit offers a completely tobacco free set of nicotine pouches that show true excellence both in terms of flavour, comfort and nicotine release. Choose between delicious strings of elderflower, frosty mints or perhaps a fresh taste of Swedish berries among many others in Nordic Spirit’s delightful assortment. The all-white contents allow you to experience authentic Swedish flavours without teeth discolouration!

What is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit’s unique pouches are being manufactured through a patented process whereby plant fibres are mixed with chewing gum base to create soft, comfortable pouches that release nicotine with high efficiency. But how do you achieve these delicious flavours? It is quite ingenious, really - each flavour is extracted from its natural element then mixed with nicotine and water to create perfectly balanced nicotine pouches.

But of course, it is hard to overlook the fact that nicotine content is important. So, do these hit the mark? The short answer is, yes! Whether you prefer to keep things on the down-low or if you are more of a go hard or go home type of person there is a nicotine strength for you in Nordic Spirit’s selection. Most of their products lie around the strong mark, that is, the 14 mg/g mark. But two new-comers for 2019 change the game entirely, the Spearmint Intense, and the Spearmint Intense Strong are offered at two different strengths but with the exact same delectable flavour. With the strengths 9 mg/g and 17 mg/g you can choose one for work and one for late evenings - the choice is yours!

Nordic Snus AB – Innovation and High Quality

Once upon a time, back in 2001 to be more exact, Nordic Snus AB began their operations at a small factory in Vårgårda, a place that used to be a mill for rice and oatmeal with a history that stretches as far back as the 1400’s. By the time the company had reached 50 employees - whom through hard work and dedication have blessed us with both LD Snus as well as Nordic Spirit – the old mill would consist of state of the art machinery, pristine technology and impeccable designs. Their innovation and ambition was proved yet again after the implementation of their own Quality Standard system, called Swedish Quality Snus whereby products are picked at random for screening to ensure that the products you buy are the best.

Even though Nordic Snus AB are huge fans of history, both snus history and Swedish history, they aren’t afraid to challenge their old ways and recipes by creating their first ever tobacco free brand. The company saw the need for a more discreet way of snusing that offered clean flavours with fresh feels along with effective nicotine releases which is how Nordic Spirit was born. To a company like Nordic Snus, consumer demand and wishes are of highest importance!

Why buy Nordic Spirit?

The unequivocal answer to this question is; because today we are more informed than ever of the importance of high quality, meticulously and carefully manufactured products, long lasting taste and perhaps above all – comfort. It is hard to imagine that all of this can be achieved within one single brand, but nevertheless Nordic Spirit continues to surprise us with its perfectly executed set of nicotine pouches where flavour and quality evidently go hand in hand. The demand for a cleaner and perhaps healthier way of snusing has hit the snus market well and hard, and all around you new tobacco free nicotine pouches are popping up every week. You need only a glance at our bestsellers to quickly get the picture; the world loves nicotine pouches! With Nordic Spirit’s tobacco free pouches you can say goodbye to stained teeth, bad breath, excess saliva and possible negative health effects from tobacco all while enjoying well-composed flavours.

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