Crafted snus

Crafted snus really catches your attention. With its stylish box and unique mix of aromas such as whiskey, this snus promises an extraordinary experience. Crafted snus has several variations, and they all contain strictly chosen, high quality spiced tobacco that you otherwise only find in cigars and pipe tobacco. A robust snus for the perfectionist and for those of you who are true snus- gourmets.

About Crafted Snus

Crafted Snus is the result of collaboration between the family owned company AG Snus and Conny Andersson, a famous name within the industry of tobacco, who has the title of Master Bender under his belt. A common interest for tobacco and craftsmanship brought them together, which resulted in three unique products, all made from the will to satisfy the pickiest of connoisseurs. The craftmanship the AG Snus has been delivering, during five generations in the tobacco business, is highly competent.

What makes Crafted Snus unique is the mixture of tobacco that otherwise is used only for pipes and cigars. Both AG Snus and Conny Andersson have a history in the pipe tobacco and cigar business. As early as 1864, AG Snus began to sell smoke free tobacco as well as offering rough-cut and fine-cut tobacco for pipes. After some time in the industry of cigar production, as well as exclusively working with pipe tobacco, in recent years the company has gone back to focusing on smoke free tobacco like snus. The company has been family owned for five generations and the handicraft has been inherited, therefore there is no doubt that AG Snus know what they are doing. Together with Conny Andersson they have created a snus that is both strong and well balanced with an interesting content of tobacco.

Conny Andersson's interest in tobacco started when he was a child but was taken to new levels after working with cigar production in Cuba. His career concerning snus began in 2001 when he worked as a salesman for Swedish Match, and since then he has continued on the same path. Today, Conny is regarded as an expert within his field and he has educated many people in the tobacco business.

Selection of Crafted Snus

It is the unique combination of spice tobaccos Mata Norte and Latakia that is behind the taste in Crafted Snus. From these two kinds it is only the leaf that has been used and not the stem, which is more common in snus. Mata Norte is a classic tobacco used for production of cigars and originates from Brazil. The taste is somewhat sweet, reminiscent of chocolate. Latakia on the other hand is a classic pipe tobacco that is smoked dry to obtain the right texture, where the taste and smell is reminiscent of tar. The tobacco in Crafted Snus is also barrel-aged, a method that is normally only used in the production of premium cigars. The tobacco is stored in used whiskey barrels, which gives the snus a complex tasteful aroma.

The following is a selection of Crafted Snus products:

Crafted Snus Kardus Highland Single Cut Loose snus
This loose snus is flavoured with single malt whiskey from the Scottish Highlands. Together with the heavier structure of single cut and elements of chocolate and walnut, this product gives the user a unique experience in both taste and character. It suits those who like the rougher feeling of tobacco leaves and who are looking for a depth and intensity in flavour. A really stylish tin-box matches the content.

Crafted Snus Whisky Original Portion
As the name implies, this product is the original from Crafted Snus. The flavour is that of single malt whiskey. During the storage time the whiskey slowly infuses the tobacco leaves with the flavour. This product has obtained a nutty taste thanks to added ground walnut leaves, which accompanies the whiskey in a very nice way.

Crafted Snus Whiskey White
This product is similar to the Whisky Original in its composition but has been produced in a White portion edition. The flavours are the same, with a hint of dark chocolate tones that gives depth and character. Both Original Portion and White Portion suits those who want a dense intensity when it comes to the taste experience.

Why Buy Crafted Snus?

Crafted snus is designed for anyone who wants something above average when it comes to snus. The company AG Snus and Master Blender Conny Andersson have, with the three main products, managed to create exactly that and it is strongly recommended by snus enthusiasts. The single malt whiskey adds a new interesting dimension to an otherwise heavy and robust taste of tobacco, and even though it has a light complexion and disappears with time, it still fulfils the purpose when it comes to aroma.

The price is higher than many other good products from similar assortments, so what makes the difference here? Above all, it is the quality that is the explanation for the given price, which is also one of the main reasons for trying this product out. There are only a few well-made snus products on the market that contain carefully selected spice tobaccos that normally don't belong in snus. Together with a successful addition of flavours, AG Snus and Conny Andersson have succeeded in creating a product for those who want more from the snus experience and that wish for a sustainable and robust snus to put underneath the lip.

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