Swedish snus

What is Swedish snus?

Swedish Snus is a traditional Swedish tobacco product that has been around for over 100 years. Its smoke-free nature, discreet usage, flavorful contents, and efficient nicotine release speaks to people all over-the globe and has kept the figure down for number of smokers in Sweden for years. Flavors range from classic tobacco to sweet melon, fresh mint and tart citrus and are accompanied by an equally wide range of nicotine strengths. Have Swedes figured out the perfect way to enjoy tobacco without having to smoke? Find out below!

Why did Swedish Snus become popular in and outside of Europe?

The birth of snus occurred as a result of many factors, the major one being finances. Snus was cheaper than other forms of tobacco and could be produced and sold by local farmers. It quickly spread throughout Sweden and the first products to be recorded include classics such as Ljunglöfs Ettan and General – two brands that are still being manufactured today using the original recipe as base. If you love Swedish snus history as much as we do, you can read more about what it is and from where it originates right here.

Many years ago, people were unaware of the health hazards of smoking, which is why its popularity grew exponentially for many years. Suddenly, an influx of scientific papers regarding the fatal consequences of smoking changed the game forever, and smokeless alternatives such as Swedish snus saw an enormous rise. But what other reasons caused snus to go from a local tradition to a world-wide sensation?

  1. No more cigarettes Swedes began using and promoting snus as a means of quitting cigarettes and were successful in doing so. Other European and non-European countries quickly followed the same trend.
  2. Cleaner tobacco usage By switching over to Swedish snus, Europeans could continue their tobacco usage without the hazardous side-effects from smoking. As the idea spread to countries such as the US, Russia and China snus began making headlines all over the internet and in local newspapers. Although snusing can never be described as healthy, it is still arguably healthier than smoking and therefore attracts many people who look for a cleaner option.
  3. The discreet alternative When you are a smoker; whether it is pipe, cigarettes, or cigars one of the major issues you will encounter is finding someplace to smoke. This is an equally large issue for vapers – a tobacco free nicotine product that will still cause quite the stir on public transportation or at the office. All of these restrictions in public areas have made smoking or vaping very difficult; an issue that Swedes and other European citizens tackle by switching to small snus portions. These are practically invisible under your top lip and usage will go by unnoticed by anyone!
  4. Huge variety of flavors and strengths One snus definitely doesn’t fit all. Every snuser is unique and has his/her own preference when it comes to taste, nicotine strength and format. In Sweden, the most common form of snus is the traditional snus type; that is, tobacco-centric products with regular strength levels and no flavoring agents or other additives. In the US, however, there is a growing interest in a cleaner way of snusing, namely, all white snus that contains washed and purified tobacco that remains white before, during and after usage – just like your teeth. But not just that, Americans are for the most part interested in strong or very strong Swedish snus products such as these!

Who Manufactures Snus in Sweden?

Many of Sweden’s top snus producers have implemented their own quality control system that processes snus before the national quality controls are made, to ensure that the snus you purchase is of highest quality. In Sweden, snus is treated, processed and quality checked as a type of “food” which says a lot about the quality you can expect. Below are the top 5 producers of Swedish snus in the world:

  1. Swedish Match – manufactures classics such as General, Ettan and Göteborgs Rapé. All of which have been around for over a hundred years using the original recipe as base.
  2. Skruf – offers both a premium Skruf line as well as a few budget brands such as Knox and Skruf Nyans. Skruf have been around since 2001 and quickly became one of the largest producers in Sweden, much thanks to their premium quality regardless of price-tag.
  3. Fiedler & Lundgren – mainly produce products inspired by the Swedish landscape, nature, and traditions. Their products are often named after different countys/regions in Sweden and each flavor reflects the county it represents such as Lundgrens Skåne.
  4. Gotlandssnus – produce the hugely popular Jakobssons lineup that contains more flavors than traditional snus, such as; Melon, Wintergreen, Cola, Mint, Blueberries and seasonal editions like Glögg and Cinnamon.
  5. GN Tobacco – are a fan of super strong products, some even contain 5 times more than a regular strength snus. Not for the newbie, but certainly for the experienced snus connoisseur.

In recent years, as demand has steered producers toward an all white market, many are adding all-white or even tobacco free products to their assortment to meet the high demand. Among the first to do this was Swedish Match and Fiedler & Lundgren!

What does a Swedish snus portion contain?

There are three basic ingredients that any traditional Swedish snus contains:

  1. Tobacco – Specifically, Nicotiana Tabacum and Nicotiana Rustica that both deliver tobacco taste but of different character. Each plant has its own unique taste and quality to it!
  2. Salt – Swedish snus can appear very salty when you are a newbie and that’s because it is! The salt is used for many reasons but the main one is for its flavor enhancing properties, just like how it is used in food.
  3. Water – Water is added at the end of the manufacturing process to give the snus its perfect moisture level. Here, original products will have more water added to them than white and drier products.

Sounds easy enough, but every snus product you purchase has begun with a tiny tobacco seed that has, even before being put in the ground, been through several steps by many different people in order to land in its specific soil. There is an enormous level of craftsmanship and expertise from beginning to end and every person involved is highly important. So, how is Swedish snus made?

Once the first perfect tobacco plant is ripe and ready to be harvested there has already been many steps involved to ensure the perfection of the plant. The rest of the snus manufacturing process can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Pulverization – The tobacco leaves are ground into the specific grind required, all products have their own grind and there is usually a large difference between different loose snus types or portioned types. The grind is then categorized into coarse, medium, or fine grind.
  2. Production – This is the step where salt, water and any flavoring is added to the mixture. It is a large step that is quality controlled many times during the process and before adding each new ingredient.
  3. Packaging - Here, loose snus is simply placed into optimized cans before being placed into a huge refrigerator, and portioned snus gets divided up into thin portion bags before going into said cooling area.

Which Swedish Snus type suits me?

Just like there is a flavor for every snuser, there are also different snus formats that fit certain snusers more than others. It is certainly difficult to know where to start. To begin with, it is useful to know which formats are available to you:

  • Loose snus – suits the Traditional Snuser and is the ancestor of all snus. Some of the very first brands to be produced in this format are over 100 years old and are still being produced using the original recipe! Sweden represents the country with the highest number of loose snusers vs portion snusers, which perhaps isn’t so strange since many Swedes feel proud of their loose snus heritage. In Sweden, loose snus is loved for its fast flavor and nicotine release, close tobacco experience and natural flavors. Flavors such as dark chocolate, wood, juniper berries, bergamot and spicy pepper are common agents in a loose product. Loose snus is perfect for the snuser who looks for a robust and close tobacco experience; the two factors that are making loose snus increasingly popular in all of Europe.
  • Original Portion – was the first portion-type product to be released and is Sweden’s favorite portion type. Original portion was a truly revolutionary launch since the world had previously only seen loose snus! These bags are enclosed inside a thin material that allows flavor and nicotine to flow through efficiently. The bags have a high moisture level that gives a similar release and experience as with loose snus. Original portion became successful in Europe because of its easy usage in comparison to loose, and its slightly more discreet nature. No more mud-slides or tobacco residue on your fingers!
  • White Portion – has a drier profile than original portion. White portion goes through the same manufacturing process as original portion, but isn’t packed with an equal load of moisture, causing it to become less runny and more long-lasting. The launch of white bags truly sparked a change in the way people snus, as it opened many eyes on the importance of a discreet pouch; something that Americans quickly became fond of. White, discreet snus has been the top seller in the U.S!
  • Slim Portion – by the time slim portion came around, discreet snusing had become a huge phenomenon and could now be taken to the next level. Slim pouches are invisible under your top lip and exist both as white portion (for an even more discreet experience) or as original portion (for a faster flavor release). Europe saw a huge rise in the use of slim pouches due to their high comfort and custom-made feel, discreet yet effective release and easy usage.
  • All white snus – is the modern alternative to traditional snus. In many ways, it offers a similar experience to traditional snus but with a few clear differences; the major one being that it contains little to no tobacco. Instead, a large amount of plant fiber has been mixed with just a sprinkle of washed and purified tobacco that remains white throughout usage. In other words, this is the ultimate discreet product for the modern snuser! Ever since all-white snus came around both Europeans and Americans have swapped out their regular white portions for a bag that doesn’t stain teeth, is a healthier option due the small amount of tobacco used and is the most discreet one in the snus category.

Now, you may find yourself asking questions like; can I place a portion in my lower lip? How long should each portion be kept in? What happens if I swallow a portion? Don’t worry, by looking at our an how-to guide for snusing you will become an expert in a jiffy.

5 Reasons Why Strong snus is Popular in Europe and the US

When looking at our list of an bestsellers it is hard to imagine that there is an actual abundance of regular strength products too, because all you can see is strong or super strong snus. Why is that? Why do European and American snusers love strong snus so much? Find out what the fuss is about below:

  1. They are Ultra Refreshing In combination with mint, strong products give an extremely cooling and energizing effect. The mint also adds further to the strong sensation, especially when menthol or peppermint is used. Strong products range from 12 mg/g to a whopping 43 mg/g and are not suitable for the novice!
  2. They deliver a Fresh Sensation in your Mouth Again, strong snus that is combined with mint delivers a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth. Much like the sensation you’ll receive from freshly brushed teeth! The nicotine strength intensifies the clean feeling, something that has become increasingly important in our hygiene-conscious society. USA’s most popular strong portions are not only minty, but also of the all-white variety that doesn’t drip or stain your teeth!
  3. They Quash your Cigarette Craving For the ex-smoker, strong snus products will mimic the powerful delivery of nicotine that is received with the first cigarette puff. Because snus works differently to cigarettes and releases nicotine steadily over a long period, rather than as an immediate jolt that lasts only a few minutes, it appears to be easier for the ex-smoker to stay away from cigarettes when that powerful rush is experienced. In the US, people have been using strong products from General, Jakobsson and Skruf in order to kick their smoking habit to the curb.
  4. They deliver an Intensified Flavor Experience Even if you aren’t an ex-smoker there are many reasons why one might enjoy a strong pouch. To Europeans, the most enticing quality of a strong product is its rich flavor profile. When it comes to traditional flavored snus, the tobacco taste becomes intensified when high nicotine levels are involved and will give a fuller experience; something that can be appreciated by the most passionate snus fan.
  5. They are Aromatic and Long-lasting As you might expect, strong snus delivers a longer nicotine release than regular strength products. If you are stuck at work and forgot your favorite snus box at home, this long-lasting quality might be extra appreciated. Just like with its flavor profile, the earthy tobacco aroma that springs out whenever your snus can is opened is heightened – and who doesn’t love the scent of fresh, high quality tobacco?

Since strong snus exists in huge amounts and continuously remains at the top of most purchased snus on our site, our an category for powerful products will help you deduce which one is right for you!

The 4 Most Popular Snus Flavors in the US

Have you ever tried American snus? It is very sweet and although it is advertised as regular strength portion just like many Swedish snus products, the amount of absorbable nicotine available in each portion is very little. Making it difficult, perhaps even impossible, to use American snus as an aid in quitting cigarettes. American products include brands such as: Marlboro, Camel or Skoal and are not available in Sweden, nor are they manufactured by Swedish snus producers. Americans who wish to switch over from American snus to Swedish snus often enjoy the products below:

  1. General Mint White General Mint White shares a few qualities that may appeal to the American snus market. A quick glance at the typical American snus product lets us know that Americans do love their mints and sweet flavors; something that General Mint also offers to an extent. But of course, without the use of sugar. Its sweet, minty character derives from the use of Peppermint that has been extracted from actual peppermint leaves. It is easy to see why the US enjoys General Mint and its authentic flavors. Many have described it to be a great replacement for Skoal Mint which has a sugar-like aftertaste along with poor quality tobacco.
  2. General Wintergreen White Next in line on our list of bestsellers to the US is General Wintergreen which has delicious notes of wintergreen oil together with other typical General flavors such as pepper and hints of bergamot. Americans who are otherwise accustomed to Camel Wintergreen will recognize the wintergreen taste, but with less sugar and a more potent nicotine level. Wintergreen is seemingly a popular taste in the US as many American snus products contain wintergreen oil and sugar.
  3. White Fox All White Portion White Fox is perfect for the snuser who wants to cut down on their tobacco intake but still experience a strong Swedish snus with a refreshing taste of mint; which is why it has become so popular in the US. Its 12 mg/g of nicotine creates the right conditions for a smoker to kick his/her habit forever.
  4. Jakobssons Melon Strong It isn’t surprising that a strong melon flavored product such as Jakobsson Melon makes our top 4 list of bestselling flavors to the US. It is naturally sweet, has 14 mg/g of nicotine and moist portion bags that deliver a quick release of melon flavored Swedish snus. Perhaps melon isn’t a typical flavor for American snus products, but its fruity profile nevertheless speaks to our American Swedish snus fans each week!

A more thorough comparison between Swedish Snus and American Snus can be found here!

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