Nick & Johnny

Nick & Johnny

A Brand New Type Of Snus

Created by the popular snus manufacturer Swedish Match, Nick & Johnny is a specially crafted snus designed to cater to a new generation of snusers; those looking to make the switch from cigarette smoking to snus. With 40% more nicotine than the average snus brand, Nick & Johnny is known for having a strong and fast nicotine kick which has earned it a position as one of the most popular snus brands on the market, especially among ex­cigarette smokers. Today there are seven members of the Nick & Johnny family, each with their own unique taste and high quality tobacco.

The Rise To Stardom

Initially released in Norway in 2006, Nick & Johnny Original was well received there and began to surge in popularity, capturing 2% market share within its first year. Looking to expand the brand, Swedish Match introduced Nick & Johnny Strong in 2007. Strong has even more nicotine per portion (12mg) than regular Nick & Johnny, and was developed to make sure that the nicotine buzz comes on quickly, mimicking the rush one gets from cigarette smoking. Summer 2010 saw the introduction of yet another member of the N&J line, Nick & Johnny Strong White. Strong White has the same strong nicotine buzz of Strong Portion, but the nicotine onset is a little slower which makes it enjoyable for those who prefer less of a head rush while snusing. 2013 saw the introduction of two new and interesting snuses to the Nick & Johnny lineup, boasting unique flavors which are in line with Nick & Johnny’s edgy image. In the spring, N&J Green Spyke was released with a unique and tasty cactus flavor. A few months later Nick & Johnny Captain Yankee debuted with a taste of cinnamon, cherry and wintergreen. Both brands have been well received and continue to be sold alongside the rest of the N&J lineup.

A Hip Snus Brand

The Nick & Johnny line has always known to be quite hip and edgy, and the packaging designs tend to reflect that image. Swedish Match often changes the can designs of various Nick & Johnny brands, usually including bright colors and vivid imagery to convey this message. Nick & Johnny is quite popular among university students in Scandinavia and is also becoming popular with young adults in markets worldwide. Positioned as a premium brand, Nick & Johnny brand snuses uses between 10­30 tobaccos blended together in order to create unique and high quality snus blends. The entire N&J line is also subject to Swedish Match’s stringent GOTHIATEK manufacturing standards which ensures that every can that leaves their factory meets rigorous quality standards. This June, Nick & Johnny became available for sale locally in Sweden where it continues to gain marketshare at a rapid pace. If you’re a smoker who is looking to switch from smoking to snus (or just looking to try unique flavors), be sure to give the Nick & Johnny line of snus a try!

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