Kaliber snus

Kaliber snus

April 2011 was a joyous month for all true snus enthusiasts. In that month, Swedish Match released a brand new portion, Kaliber Snus, which immediately became a hit among old and new snus consumers alike. Drawing on years of experience, Swedish Match came up with a sophisticated, medium-bodied product that effortlessly demonstrated why the company enjoys a leading position among the world's snus producers. Joining the ranks of Swedish Match's mushrooming list of excellent products, Kaliber’s appeal lies not only in its taste and aroma, which is excellent, but also in its affordability, cool design (yes, it matters!) and fresh feel.

Cool design, fresh taste

Though many snus consumers would be reluctant to admit it, the look of the can actually matters. After all, you're going to spend a lot of time with it, so why shouldn't it look good too? Swedish Match seems to agree, and has came up with a wide array of cool-looking designs that definitely add to the whole experience. Just looking at the Kaliber can will make you drool for snus, even if you just had one. Of course, not even the coolest looking can of snus you've ever seen will leave much of an impression if the product isn't top notch. In the case of Kaliber, it certainly is. With its subtle taste of berries, herbs and citrus, Kaliber makes your mouth feel fresh and clean even after a long day of snusing, something that certainly can't be said of some of its rivals. We all know that feeling when, after you've gone through a whole can in a day, it feels as if someone put an old sock in your mouth, right? Well, there's no reason to worry about that if Kaliber is your snus of choice.

That good feeling

Swedish Match are known to take the research bit of the business very seriously, which helps explain why their products just keep getting better. For those who are unfamiliar with snus, it would be surprising to know quite how sophisticated the technology involved is. Then again, snus is a multi-billion dollar business, competition is keener than it's ever been, and if you don't keep up with the competition you will lose out. Heavily. One thing that all snus consumers appreciate is the feel of the snus. Some types will leave your gums raw. Others are too wet, leaving your mouth a stale puddle of juice and foul taste. Kaliber represents one of the more successful attempts at finding the right balance. When you add in that it's an attractively prized product, one may begin to understand why Kaliber has been such a hit among consumers.

A heavy calibre snus

With its great citrus aroma, affordable prize and great feel, Kaliber is in our humble opinion one of the best snus products on the market nowadays. One may sometimes suspect the big snus companies of simply churning out new products without much thought or planning. The release of Kaliber shows that in this case at least, nothing could be further from the truth.

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