Camel snus

Camel snus

Camel Snus - A variety of flavours

Camel Snus by JTI – Japan Tobacco International is one of the world’s largest tobacco manufacturer and first launched Camel Snus at the Swedish snus market in 2009. Camel Snus by JTI has unfortunately been discontinued.

Its American counterpart by RJ Reynolds was launched for sale in the United States in 2009 in different flavours and formats to fit American tastes. Camel snus by RJ Reynolds is available in 6 different formats: Camel Snus Frost, Camel Spice Snus, Camel Mellow, Camel Robust, Camel Winterchill and finally, Camel Mint. However, in the General Family you will find snus products that all have higher quality, better nicotine experience, greater comfort and an absolutely delicious taste.

General: A Taste of Swedish History

General consists of many different formats and flavours that all share the classic General flavour base of bergamot and a touch of spicy pepper. It is well-rounded with a nice salt balance to accentuate the rich tobacco flavour. Overall, a rich and full-bodied snus which millions of people across the world have come to love and enjoy. Now a member of the Swedish Match family of products, each can of General’s delicious snus is manufactured according to the strict quality standards set by Gothiatek. This quality control system is unique for all Swedish Match products and is based on the following principles:

● There is a maximum level of undesirable substances permitted. These occur naturally in all tobacco plants but may not exceed the established limit.
● Raw material requirements.
● Manufacturing process requirements
● Consumer product information requirements.

General snus is, like all Swedish snus, quite unlike American snus brands aimed for the American palate. The Swedish products are much less sweet, offer a more satisfying nicotine experience, taste better and have specially designed snus pouches for a perfect fit. Below is a list comprised of General’s most appreciated and popular snus products that are also perfect substitutes to Camel Snus.

General Mint White - This is a snus for the Mint enthusiast and a great alternative to Camel Frost and Camel Mint. It has a well-balanced sweetness to it that is released together with a tasty tobacco character and a pleasant nicotine buzz. The tobacco flavour has the typical General taste with notes of bergamot oil, spicy pepper and citrus that is topped off with a nice salt balance. The pouch bags are filled with moist, flavoursome contents but with a dry outer material to minimize dripping.
G3 Normal Slim White - A pure taste of tobacco coupled with General’s typical blend of bergamot, citrus and pepper. There is a hint of salt present in the background which furher brings out the very gentle tobacco taste. G3 Slim White is a great product to replace the overly sweet Camel Mellow as it has a straightforward, smooth tobacco character. The pouch shape is a result of the latest trend – the thin and long pouch that fits perfectly under the lip.
General White Portion – A true classic with a spicy tobacco flavour coupled with notes of bergamot, citrus and a kick of pepper. It is a snus with a lot of flavour and a hint of salt for balance. The white sachets deliver a great snus experience as they release nicotine and flavour slowly and evenly while producing minimal dripping. A truly tasty treat and a delicious snus to replace Camel Robust with as it has better quality, comfort, taste and gives a greater nicotine experience.
General Wintergreen- A straightforward wintergreen flavour with a gentle tobacco taste that lingers in the background. This is accompanied by some sweetness and hints of salt which together with the wintergreen flavour gives a delicious snus experience. If you’re looking for an authentic, high quality Swedish snus but with similar flavours to Camel Winterchill then this product is a must-try!
G3 Super Slim Mint- A natural peppermint flavour coupled with a slightly spicy tobacco taste and arrays of vanilla with a touch of herbs. Upon placing a portion under your lip you will feel the typical tingling and cooling sensation that is common with mint flavoured products. This product is truly innovative with its new and unique super slim shape that impressively delivers the same nicotine experience as regular pouches. The pouch bags are barely noticeable under the lip and produce very little dripping. The two types of mint flavoured products, Camel Frost and Camel Mint can both be swapped for this great snus by General.

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