G.3 Super Slim™ Blue Mint Strong White

Super Slim White Portion
General G3 Super Slim Mint
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Super Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 16.50 g

Strength: Strong

G3 Super Slim is part of the third generation snus by General and is pleasantly balanced with peppermint and a slightly spicy tobacco flavor. You will also notice hints of herbs and a touch of vanilla in the background.

This Super Slim product is a discrete snus with a perfect fitting under the lip. The super slim series has the thinnest pouches currently available on the market today, but still deliver the same nicotine experience as regular pouches. The dry exterior is considered to give a slow, yet a more even release of flavor while producing a minimal amount of drip.

Swedish match launched the third generation by General in 2014 - the modernized form of General snus. The super slim series and the regular slim format exist in several different flavors at different strength levels. Swedish match strives for high quality products and strictly observe GOTHIATEK’s quality controls - regulating snus as a food product.

Water 48,0%
PH-level: 8,8
Package weight: 16,5 g

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