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Each year sees the arrival of new exciting Swedish snus brands, and this year aint no different. In fact, with competition between the leading producers now fiercer than ever before, the pressure to come up with innovative products has lead to a virtual arms race. The big producers are in a better position than most to face this challenge, having invested heavily and intelligently in research and design over the past years. At the same time, the smaller producers have repeatedly demonstrated that they are more than able to hold their own as far as launching innovative new brands is concerned. The result of all this is that us, the consumers, will have an ever-increasing selection of good stuff to choose from.

Trends and tendencies

Not all of these brands are strictly new in terms of content, but appear in slightly modified shapes and sizes. Among this year's newcomers we thus find old warhorses like Göteborg Rape Original and Mustang alongside younger, less established rivals. A cursory glance at the products on offer show that portion snus is still very much in vogue, having gradually edged past loose snus during the past decade or so. Another continuing trend is mint-flavoured snus, which adds a much-needed touch of freshness as the day wears on.

Frequent updates with new Swedish snus

The site is frequently updated, so it may be a good idea to check in every once and a while to see what new products that are available. Whether you want to change to another brand or just try something new for a change, chances are that you will find an interesting alternative here. Keep up to date on what's popular on, check our page of bestselling snus brands, based on customers pick of the month.

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