Mustang snus

Mustang snus

As the name suggests, Mustang Snus packs a lot of punch. The cans may not be the most stylish around, though some may find the retro design to their liking. In any case, the quality of the product more than makes up for any lack of aesthetic finesse. The tobacco taste is good and strong from the very beginning, but after a while more and more flavours are released, each delightful in its own way. This is what we've come to expect from Swedish Match, who has a seemingly endless supply of good ideas waiting to be realized. Where do they all come from, these ideas? God, if he exists, must know. In the meantime, we'll simply have to get down to sampling their new products.

Choosing the right snus: a matter of life or death

When you come home after a day's work and you sit down in front of the TV with a bottle of ice-cold beer and a delicious portion of snus under your lip, life can hardly be better. The question of what type of snus to use is obviously of great importance: the wrong choice can ruin your afternoon, perhaps even your entire life and that of your family. Back in the good old days, when the range of snus on offer were pretty limited, consumers would usually sample a couple of brands before happily settling for their favourite. Today, however, the selection available is truly humongous, and the steady release of new products makes it ever harder to choose. Some even find it impossible. We're not going to claim that the search for the optimal snus ends with Mustang, but you can certainly do worse than giving this spicy little rascal a try. As we've earlier pointed out, don't let the rather uninspiring design of the cans scare you off: you would be making a historic mistake with potentially disastrous consequences for you and your country. On the whole this is a very good product indeed, and as such it deserves, nay demands, your full attention.

Complex taste

The wordsmiths at Swedish Match describes Mustang as being the proud owner of “a dark and spicy tobacco taste with distinct tastes of plums and dried fruits, along with hints of coffee, vanilla and citrus.” While that may sound like quite a mouthful, it is true that Mustang is an unusually complex snus. That is also the reason why we like it so much. Its excellence resides not only in the effortless way it combines the classic tobacco taste with a sophisticated mix of exotic aromas, but also in its consistency and durability. Some snus brands try to achieve too much by piling on one flavour after another, leading to confusion, chaos and mayhem. For all its complexity, Mustang avoids this trap altogether. Just like the free-roaming wild horses of the American plains which it is named after, this snus product stands as a true symbol of strength, freedom and quality. And if that analogy didn't quite work out, it's certainly not Mustang's fault.

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