How to use snus

Many people, particularly in Sweden where snus originated, simply use snus instead of smoking since it is a smoke free alternative to smoking. But as its popularity has spread across countries, more people are curious about snus and how to use snus. Almost everybody theoretically in the very least knows how to smoke as they have been exposed to smokers in real life or on the screen. But there is very little exposure to snus.

Availability of snus

Snus is available in two main forms, loose snus and portion packed snus. It is moist or semi-moist depending on the brand and the form. Basically snus is a tobacco product containing tobacco which is ground and mixed with water and flavoring agents. The loose variety is available in small cans, while the portion packed snus is available in sachets, much like tea bags which fully dissolve in the mouth.

There is no need to spit with snus and there is no smoke either. So, snus is a form of tobacco which is safer to use than cigarettes and gives a nicotine rush. This is very important to people who are trying to give up smoking and cigarettes, but are unsuccessful. However, below illustrations and texts will show new users how to use snus.

Having loose snus

If you are first time user of snus, you should know how to use snus.

  • Open the can of snus
  • Put your thumb and index finger in the full can of snus
  • Take a small quantity between the two and form a wedge
  • Lift it out of the tin
  • Lift your upper lip on one side
  • Place the wedge inside, under the upper lip and the gum
  • That's it. Now you know how to snus loose.

As a first time user, you may feel a rush or even experience some dizziness and need to lie down, so be in a safe place before using snus.

Loose snus illustration

How to use portion snus

Portion snus is pre-packed and so easier to carry around and have. You don’t have to get your fingers dirty either. Portion snus is available in three sizes, mini, large and maxi. The mini typically has around 0.5 gm. of snus. The large or regular size will have about a gram and the maxi will have about 1.5 gm. or thereabouts.

In order to use portion snus, you simply take the portion in your hand and lift your upper lip. Then place the snus portion under your lip and leave it there for it to release the nicotine slowly and gradually.