Can I buy Swedish Snus and Nicotine Pouches to UK?

Many would have thought that the UK Brexit would make it possible for people within United Kingdom to be able to order Swedish Snus online. But it isn’t only the European Union prohibiting Swedish Snus from entering the UK market. UK and England have its own law preventing snus from being sold in stores and online and until this law is changed there won’t be any Swedish Snus sold within UK.

Nicotine Pouches available all over UK

Hence the prohibition of snus the nicotine pouch has become a highly popular option within UK. Brands such as Lyft, Skruf and White Fox have become an instant success for both people who previously used snus, and cigarette smokers deciding to quit smoking. In order to buy nicotine pouches to UK you need to click the link and visit our .eu-store which is now offering free deliveries all over UK.

Will Snus ever be available in UK?

In this moment we can only speculate, but with the willingness of both government and its citizen to prevent people from smoking cigarettes we do see a positive mindset regarding snus and nicotine pouches within UK. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are able to offer our entire selection to UK customers.