How to buy Snus in Norway?

Norway is an odd market when it comes to selling snus. It’s prohibited to advertise any such product, and the can itself cannot be marked with any branding, flavours etc. The container is simply an ugly greyish can created to look as unappealing as possible. Even when you enter a store in Norway, you’re not able to see any tobacco products within the shelfs or stands, instead you must know your product and ask to bring it out from a box or backroom. This way the Norwegian government think they can minimize new snus users, and youngsters in particular, from jumping on the highly popular Swedish snus product.

For those who still want to buy Swedish snus in Norway we have launched Even online you’re not allowed to post any pictures of snus cans or do any campaigns. But nothing is stopping us from offering good prices and speedy delivery to our Norwegian customer base. Bear in mind that the site itself looks a bit weird because of non-existing pictures. However, you’re still able to read about the different products and explore our assortment of brands and flavours.

If you’re a Norwegian snuser reading this article, then we hope to have you as a customer and that you will have a good experience getting some fresh "billig snus på nett".