About payments

We currently accept the following payment methods:

Debit- and credit cards:
American Express

Bank Wire Transfer
Advance payment to our bank account using IBAN and SWIFT.

We accept payment in Swedish krona (SEK), US Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR).

Many customers are concerned about security online – here are answers to a few common questions:

What is the Card Security Code?

Also known as a CVV2 number, this is a special 3-digit number appearing on the far right side of the signature strip on your card. This number is unique to each card, and offers extra protection against fraud.
Note: With American Express, the card security number is 4 digits long and is printed on the front of the card.

Do you check for fraudulent cards?
We use a number of steps to detect fraudulent behavior. Security controls are done at all ends, by Snus Direct, by Paynova and by involved banks.

What is Paynova?
Snus Direct has chosen Paynova, a leading Swedish payments provider, as payment processor (PSP) for all credit card transactions. Paynova deals with all credit card details.
All Paynova transactions are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure the safety of your personal details and credit card information.

Is shopping with Snus Direct safe?
Communication between you, us and Paynova is encrypted when card data is exchanged. We use the highest level of security and Snus Direct never handles or stores any credit card details.