Snus Accessories

Snus Accessories

I’m sure there are many reasons for your visit to our website where you can check out our fantastic assortment. Perhaps you wish to kick your awful smoking habit? Maybe you are curious about what your Swedish friends’ are placing under their top lips, or perhaps you did indeed try one of your friend’s snus pouches and now you are back for more. Whichever reason brought you here, we are glad to have you on board. Snus is tasty, environmentally friendly, causes no passive harm to anybody else and can be completely discreet if you wish it to be. Sounds good, right? To make things even better, there really is a snus product out there for everyone.

If you like a robust snus with a ton of natural tobacco flavour you will be happy to know that you can find most of the original loose products here on our site – did you know that Ettan loose has been around for almost 200 years? Recently, other products are becoming highly popular, such as nicotine pouches. These products are completely tobacco free with all white, environmentally friendly contents that don’t stain your teeth. To top it all off, these can be bought within the European Union! But what else can snus offer?

The Snus Pillow

When you are a proud snuser of authentic Swedish snus you want to be able to enjoy all the perks of being a snus fan. If you also love lazy days on the couch with a nice cup of coffee and perhaps a delicious portion of Al Capone Coffee under your lip, then this next product is for you. Imagine yourself sitting on your favourite couch or sofa, leaning back onto what looks like your favourite snus pouch except this one is huge, fluffy (well, so is the real thing too) and extremely comfortable. If you prefer to sleep on your lazy days, this pillow is also the perfect head pillow. It will send you right into a deep snus sleep! It looks good, feels good and smells good – or at least more appropriate than what an actual snus portion would. If anything, this pillow is truly a fun gift for your most snus enthusiastic friend, girlfriend or as a treat to yourself. The pillow casing is removable and has a zipper which makes it easy to take the casing off and put it back on after wash. The material on the inside is polypropen which is recommended to be handwashed.


Loose snus has existed since the beginning of Swedish snus, it was the first form of snus and has been around since Ettan produced its first snus back in 1822. This traditional snus form does not suit everybody, but those who love it truly swear by it and cannot imagine snusing anything else. The flavour profile is completely different with a loose prilla, it packs much more flavour than portion and releases this along with nicotine with great efficiency. Forming the perfect snus prilla, however, can be quite difficult when you are a novice, but with the help of a prismaster you will look like a professional snuser in no time! So, how does it work? It is actually very simple. You use the prismaster by placing it into the snus, and pushing it back so the snus packs nice and tight inside the prismaster. You then place this under your upper lip, and voilà!

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