No More Stained Teeth

A lot has changed since that first round of Swedish snus hit the market hundreds of years ago and took Sweden by storm. Back then, consumers couldn't choose between portion types, flavours and strength levels because the only snus format available was Loose. The snus industry has since then changed shape several times and although many classics are still alive today there are constantly new trends that jolt the way they are manufactured. Companies and manufacturers today must put their environmental hats on to ensure that their snus is produced using climate friendly means and methods – all while giving you, the consumer, a fabulous snus experience.

EPOK Snus by Winnington AB is the first snus in the world to use white tobacco and is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process by which unwanted substances are eliminated. If you are wondering what the point of white tobacco is, you will realize the answer once you see the lack of brown discolouration on your teeth after a long day of EPOK snusing! The white sachets remain white even after usage, and feel exactly like a traditional brown snus under the lip. The best part is that they have managed to maintain the same satisfying nicotine and flavour release as any other traditional snus. I must say, it is impressive.

The Perfect Balance

The task of manufacturing a great snus is not an easy one. To create that perfectly balanced flavour, moisture level and pouch size is a true craftmanship. There is a very fine line between a pleasantly moist snus and a drenched pouch that almost drowns you. Yet, EPOK have managed to do just that and so much more – all through environmentally friendly means. So, how do they do it?

Firstly - The tobacco is accumulated by the same principles as with traditional snus, from tobacco plants. It is from these plants that the finest brown tobacco is selected and then placed into a water based solution.

Secondly – It is here, in this water based solution, that the brown tobacco is relieved of its harmful substances such as Nitrosamines and heavy metals. The tobacco is then purified and washed until it reaches its unique white form that leaves your mouth feeling as fresh as ever.

Thirdly and lastly – All the delicious flavours and other ingredients are added and carefully mixed before being placed in sophisticated, clean-looking cans with simple but modern designs.

Continued Innovation

The manufacturer of EPOK, Winnington AB, has two brands of snus – EPOK and Kickup. The two products were born as Winnington saw the need for innovative snus products that focus on cleanliness and health. If we look back to that very first Swedish snus ever made, it may be safe to assume that it wasn't entirely toxic-free. A lot has happened since then, thankfully, and as the world becomes increasingly aware of health, fitness, and environmental impact Epok is a very welcomed addition to our lovely snus society.

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