Marlboro snus

Marlboro Snus

Marlboro snus was until recently a new brand from Swedish Match. The snus had a nice tobacco taste with hints of vanilla, herbs, chocolate and some roasted coffee and dark wood.

This product is, however, no longer available for purchase.

Marlboro snus was originally created by the American producer, Philip Morris, and was primarily aimed for the American palate. To clarify, this snus product is not the same as the Swedish Match version of Marlboro that has unfortunately been discontinued.

The brand consists of four different flavours and formats – peppermint, spearmint, rich and mild. These are not available for purchase on our website but we offer a great deal of other products that all have better taste, comfort, quality and that above all ensure a satisfying nicotine experience. Whether you prefer a sweet peppermint flavour or simply a mild tasting treat to have on special occasions, you are sure to find your favourite in General’s delicious selection of snus.

General is a high quality snus brand manufactured by the snus giant Swedish Match, where all snus products go through stringent quality controls before leaving the factory. The Swedish Match quality standard is called GOTHIATEK and is unique for all Swedish Match products. In Sweden, snus is also regulated as a food product and contain detailed information of contents at the back of each can. You can therefore rest assured all the quality standards are being met!

In contrast to Swedish snus, American products are known to be overly sweet, have lower nicotine levels and extremely dry pouches with little to no comfort. Once you place a pouch of General’s flavoursome snus under your lip you will get a taste of the hundreds of years of developing, refining and rich history that goes into an authentic Swedish snus.

Below, is a list of some of General’s most appreciated products that are also great options to Marlboro snus:

General Mint White – If you are a fan of Marlboro Spearmint or Marlboro Peppermint this snus will become your new favourite. The mint has a sweetness to it that is perfectly balanced with a little salt to accentuate the flavour. The nicotine is released evenly and over a long period due to the dry exterior of each pouch. Luckily, the presence of mint contributes to a long-lasting feeling of freshness and the moist content of each bag makes it comfortable under the lip.
General Mackmyra Original -A smokey and slightly sweet whiskey flavour coupled with a touch of oak, cedar and dried fruits. The dark tobacco taste is robust and has some spice to it. A truly tasty treat. The portion bags are in original format and are therefore very moist for a quick release of nicotine and flavour. Whiskey snus is not a new phenomenon, however, the classic General taste now paired with a delicious Swedish whiskey flavour delivers a uniqe snus experience.
G3 Mint Extra Strong White Slim- Has a very pleasant peppermint flavour with a touch of eucalyptus that gives a cooling, tingling sensation under your lip. The level of comfort in this product is unlike any snus you’ve ever tried before due to its specially designed pouch-shape. The pouches are long and narrow, which also makes it barely noticeable under the lip. This snus is a very good option to replace Marlboro Peppermint with as it has higher quality and greater comfort together with a well-rounded peppermint flavour.
General Classic White – A snus with a lot of flavour! Bergamot is a very frangrant citrus fruit that is used to balance the tasty tobacco character along with notes of spicy pepper. This is a true Swedish classic that, like all General snus, consists of over 20 different types of high quality tobacco and is based on a nearly 200 year old recipe created by Johan Boman. The moist and flavoursome contents reside in dry pouches that allow for a longer snus experience that matures and develops over time. You will first notice the prominent citrus character but as time progresses the flavour will evolve and become peppery. The nicotine is released evenly and therefore lasts longer than if it were original portion snus.

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