Launched in March 2015, the XRANGE Snus series got a lot of well-deserved attention at the time, representing as it did a brand new idea in the world of snus. Consisting of portion-packed snus products, all in stylishly designed cans with big bold letters announcing the name of the series, XRANGE offers consumers a choice between General, Catch and Göteborgs Rapé. These are household names that all snus lovers will approvingly recognize, all of them firmly belong among the most popular products on the market. What is more, the portion pouches are designed so as to keep dripping to a minimum, thereby avoiding the all too familiar experience of realizing that your beautiful smile has been reduced to a brownish grin worthy of a 19th century cowboy. When you add the fact that the pouches also keep their flavour longer than previously, the reasons behind the success of the series becomes ever more apparent.

Take your pick

The classic General brand comes in three versions: Slim Large White, Slim Large Original and Slim Large White Strong. Göteborgs Rapé, that potent-smelling firebrand from Sweden's elegant second city, comes in a Slim Large White Portion, as does Catch, with the difference that the pouches carry a delectable taste of mint. For those of us old enough to remember the dark and desperate times when snus was only available in loose version, the portion revolution has proved a blessing (those who were born after it quite simply cannot know how fortunate they are). Now don't get us wrong: at the end of the day, the loose portions are many consumer’s favourite way of enjoying snus, but the pouches undoubtedly make things a lot easier. To take but one example, we can all remember how tricky, not to mention hazardous, it was to bake a loose portion while driving a car. It may even have caused disastrous collisions for all we know. Modern consumers, however, often opt to vary between the two, keeping the loose stuff for home use and the portions for social gatherings or, well, driving your car. The XRANGE series is a good example of how far this revolution has come in terms of delivering high-quality portion snus products.

Old favourites, new designs

Presenting XRANGE as a breaking news item may seem strange in view of the fact that the products in the series are all old-timers who've been around since the Palaeolithic Age. One way of looking at it is that XRANGE is a celebration of just how far the evolution of portion snus has come. Another is that the cool design of the series alone justifies just such a release. Though the look of the cans may not matter equally to all snus consumers, we personally take great interest in the aesthetical side of things. After all, you would never wear a pair of trousers you weren't comfortable with, so why the heck shouldn't your snus reside in a stylish can? No matter where you stand on the issue, the XRANGE series is well worth checking out if you haven't already.

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