Al Capone snus

Al Capone snus

A Pure Experience

Al Capone snus is a purified snus. This means that the individual pouches tend to be slightly drier when compared to original snus, and this purification makes them non-drip. The dryness also helps to increase the length of time that the flavour lasts and this is a definitely an added advantage. Al Capone also comes in smaller pouches than other brands of snus. The texture of the pouches is designed to make holding the pouch under the lip a more pleasant experience.  The size also means that they can fit in ultra slim cans that fit more easily in a bag and are more convenient to carry around.

Being a purified snus, Al Capone snus uses only the highest quality tobacco leaves and, unlike some forms of snus, it offers a fast nicotine release to its users. The flavour is full bodied and long lasting; this combined with the fast nicotine hit makes Al Capone an excellent brand of snus on every level.

Efficiency and Comfort

Traditional snus can usually be found in wide range of flavours that blend perfectly with the mellow flavour of tobacco. Mint: a cool and refreshing snus that gives a little tingle to the taste buds, perfect for that morning hit. Vanilla: a delicious flavour that makes the snus a little sweeter, lovely midmorning when a craving kicks in.  Berry: fruity and luscious, perhaps the ultimate in dessert snus. And coffee: deliciously rich and satisfying all day long. Al Capone snus comes in various flavour options that complement their high quality tobacco, making it easy for every snus user to find a favourite.

As mentioned previously, the portions that are offered by Al Capone snus are slightly smaller than average snus portions, and users will find this smaller size a more comfortable fit in the mouth. The smaller size loses nothing in taste as the flavour is still robust. Being smaller in size also makes it more discreet while in the mouth. For working professionals that like to continue using snus throughout their busy day, being able to use snus with discretion is yet another reason to choose Al Capone snus over other brands on the market.

Easy on the Wallet

When opening a can of purified snus, the aroma is reminiscent of a bag of delicious cough drops. There is an almost instant kick as soon as the snus is placed under the lip. The buzz is immediate and for many users this is the reason to choose the brand. The nicotine rush lasts longer than it does with bigger portions of snus and is an experience to be savoured and enjoyed. On average both tingle and taste can last up to half an hour when placed in the mouth. The reason for this is that each pouch contains a higher than usual amount of nicotine. For Al Capone snus it is 6mg per portion; which may sound less but keep in mind the amount of tobacco is reduced due to the smaller portion, so a little goes a long way.

Al Capone snus is a highly popular snus for good reason. With its strong, interesting and long lasting flavours, this snus is not only a fantastic product to enjoy; it’s also great value for money. If a purified, drier, non-drip snus is your preference then this is the perfect snus for you. The packaging is also well designed and functional. Its sleek appearance will appeal to the style conscious, and its handy size means it slips easily into a pocket without appearing bulky.

TillCe/Snus Bruket

Al Capone comes from the company TillCe/Snus Bruket. With brands such as Oomph and also Northerner Energy snus. The brands that they manufacture and release all are in the form of purified snus. The process for making this involves very dry tobacco, baking soda and purified nicotine. This is what allows for higher nicotine levels in each portion of snus but at the same time keeping the portion size that much smaller.

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