Wisby snus

Wisby snus

Gotlandssnus are very proud of their origin and this is something that shines through in their products. Most of their products present some sort of connection to their favourite place – Gotland. As a tribute to the picturesque town of Visby in Gotland, Gotlandssnus came up with a brand new line of snus and a whole new concept called Wisby snus. We can understand the reason for this tribute, specifically to this town, because it truly is an impressive place with hundreds of years of history that lies embedded within the city’s walls. When we talk of Wisby the images that spring to mind are limestone walls, cobblestone streets, sandy beaches and historical sites. With this image in mind we cannot think of a more suitable snus can design than the one Gotlandssnus constructed for their Wisby lineup. So, everything looks and sounds good, but how does it taste?

Norderport & Söderport

If you have ever been to Gotland you will know that there is a great city wall that divides Wisby and was put there as protection back in the day. The highest parts are 11 meters high, and the oldest part of the wall was erected back in the 1100s! It is an unbelievable sight to see this enormous wall in front of you absolutely packed with history from the Viking’s era and earlier. The wall had different gates where people could pass through and these still exist today! Many can be driven through by car in and out of the city. Two of these gates have inspired the names for Gotlandssnus new Wisby snus serie; Norderport (en. Northern gate) and Söderport (en. Southern gate) which are two of the larger gates in Wisby. The flavours for the Wisby lineup are inspired by the Gotland flora and the two first flavours from Wisby are Rosehip and Elderflower which are both delicious.

Norderport snus – This is a very unique snus with a delicious taste of rosehip that works wonderfully well with the mellow yet distinct tobacco character. When we talk of flower flavoured snus products many people assume it will take on a perfume character, but this is not the case with either of the two products from Wisby. Rosehip can be found in abundance in Gotland, which is why it was chosen as one of the flavours to honour the beautiful town of Wisby. A delightful snus that is offered in white portion and at regular nicotine strength.

Söderport snus –This snus is also (with the risk of sounding repetitive) extremely unique which I suppose is how they do it over at Gotlandssnus. If you were a huge fan of the now discontinued Jakobsson’s Fläder you will be delighted to know that the Wisby Söderport is almost identical, except this is a white portion snus. The flavour is that of lovely elderflower (sv. fläder) where you have that delicious sweetness together with a slightly tart finish in combination with Gotlandssnus perfect tobacco character. A snus you can’t get enough of! The Söderport snus is offered at regular strength.
Perhaps we will now see many more white products from Gotlandssnus whom previously almost exclusively produced original portion? Exciting!

A New Era

The story of Gotlandssnus began with Henrik Jakobsson (in his kitchen even) back in 2002, making Gotlandssnus one of the newer brands on the market. At least in comparison to Ettan which has been around for almost 200 years! Gotlandssnus has, since 2002, grown exponentially and are well known all over the world today. Henrik Jakobsson and his team at Gotlandssnus have blessed the snus world with many great products, and after the takeover by Swedish Match in July 2018 we are excited to see what else will come our way. The Wisby lineup is the first new line of snus that has been released since the takeover by Swedish Match and we can expect many more brilliant products to come our way! Despite the takeover by a snus giant such as Swedish Match, Henrik Jakobsson and the team will continue using Gotland as their inspiration in everything they do – which is what we love so much about Gotlandssnus. The Wisby series truly portrays their devotion to Gotland!

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