Rite Snus

Rite Snus

The Rite Snus for You

When you open a can of Rite snus you will be greeted by four generations worth of craftsmanship and innovation. Rite’s delightful assortment of high quality products lets you choose between icy peppermints, sweet spearmints, a traditional bergamot and classic cool mints as well as which pouch size you prefer. Perhaps a large portion of cool mint in the morning and a slim taste of bergamot for the evening will suite your palate – the choice is yours! Either way, be prepared for an ultra strong nicotine experience of at least 28 mg/g, as that is the lowest kick you can expect to receive out of these powerful pouches.

What is Rite Snus?

Rite Snus is manufactured by The Ministry of Snus which is a daughter company that stems from the world renowned tobacco company Mac Baren. This means that Rite Snus has been produced using the expertise collected over four whole generations! Mac Baren started up in 1826 and have since then grown into one of the largest tobacco producers in the world and they have been guiding The Ministry of Snus into their huge success since their start-up in 2018.

Snusing a Rite product means having enormous flexibility because of the variety of products you are presented with. You can choose to use the mints when you want the extra freshness and traditional bergamot flavours when you opt for a more soothing experience. When you are new at snusing you may prefer thin pouches rather than thick ones and with Rite Snus you can pick whichever suits you best! But beware, the super high nicotine content is not for the beginner and will absolutely give the experienced user a run for their money.

This all sounds great, of course, but does it have the Rite quality?

Does it have the Rite Snus Quality?

The fact that each tobacco leaf originates from the Mac Baren Tobacco Company is already an indication of the product’s quality. Mac Baren being a huge tobacco producer their high quality tobacco products are distributed all over the world. But how can you know that Rite truly has great quality? It is all revealed in the snus experience.

When placing a portion of Cool Mint under your lip you will be met by an instant rush of nicotine and flavour that will simultaneously hit you like an ice cool wind. On top of that the experience is incredibly long lasting and delivers a constant flow of nicotine. The can design may be simple, but the contents really aren’t. The true craftsmanship and innovation required to achieve this type of high quality experience can only be reached through years of trial/error and passion. Your high quality snus journey begins with the aroma that greets you as you open a can of snus!

Ministry of Snus – Rite Now

The Ministry of Snus has a strikingly interesting website that immediately gives you a modern impression but with strokes of youth, playfulness and a serious passion for smokeless alternatives. They are quite uniquely driven by what they refer to as “People’s Mandate” – a set of people, an expert panel by ordinary people, snus fans even, whom come forth with opinions from the mass. Whether or not the manufacture of a new product takes place is democratically decided by this panel together with The Ministry’s snus team, just as the product’s properties are. This means that their consumer base is technically part of designing each product!

Is it the Rite Snus for you?

If you want your snus ultra strong with authentic flavours, a powerful release and a long lasting effect then Rite is most certainly for you. Couple that with a sophisticated can design and an affordable price range and this product is nearing perfection. Your mood can take your snus journey anywhere, the sky is the limit and you will no longer need to waste time on bad products. Consumers are absolutely more conscious than ever about the importance of quality and with a product from The Ministry of Snus you can always rest assured that what you snus is of the highest quality. You can find all of Rite’s products on our Strongest Products page, along with many other super strong favourites!

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