Tre Ankare

Tre Ankare

Portioned Snus: A Revolutionary Innovation

Developed and sold by Swedish Match after a long period of trial and error, Tre Ankare is a snus which holds the distinction of being the first ever brand to be made available in the modern portion format that we’ve come to regard as standard today. Prior to Tre Ankare’s launch in 1977, snus was only available in loose form (Swedish Match did however make one failed attempt at developing a portioned snus in 1973). As a radical new change to a centuries old product, many snus users were initially dismissive of Tre Ankare’s portions, considering them to be a fad. However, not long after its launch, Tre Ankare’s revolutionary new innovation exploded in popularity (starting with women) as consumers began to realize that portion snus has the advantage of giving people a discreet and mess free way to enjoy their favorite snus in settings where a loose variety may pose a hassle. Today, Tre Ankare continues to remain a popular brand amongst consumers, and the series is available in both a White Portion format (0.9 grams of snus per portion with roughly 7mg of nicotine each), and a Mini White Portion (released in 1986) which has 0.5 gram of snus per portion each with 4mg of nicotine.

A Taste Of Excellence

Aside from being recognized as being the very first portioned snus to be made available, Tre Ankare is also a premium snus which is well known and highly regarded in its own right due to its strong aromas of rich, smoky tobacco which is complemented by with subtle undertones of freshly cut grass. The flavors which give Tre Ankare its characteristic taste are all very natural, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners are used in the production of the brand. As time goes on, Tre Ankare’s flavor becomes increasingly mild until only smoky tobacco and salt remain as perceptible flavors. As a mild tobacco dominant snus, Tre Ankare is a great choice to use as a daily brand, and it tends to go well with tea as well as a number of alcoholic beverages.

Looking Towards The Future

Thanks to Swedish Match’s revolutionary innovation, portions are now the most popular way to enjoy snus, and a wide range of varieties exist ranging in size from maxi down to mini portions. Portions now also vary in their moisture content, and this alters the rate of nicotine absorption to either quicken the release of nicotine (as original portions do), or slow its release (like white portions). In recent times, Swedish Match has continued to lead the way in developing innovative new approaches to portions, the two most notable being the star formation (which is currently used by Tre Ankare) and a new Natufibe portion material. Both of these advances create and even better portion experience, and only time will tell what other technological advances will soon be developed and released on the market. Until then, the standard portion will continue to remain the defacto means by which most people experience snus.

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