WOW snus

WOW snus

The brand WOW! is on everyone's lips nowadays, and it is appreciated by both men and women. The snus is a classic portion snus that is especially appreciated for the delicious and rich flavours. From sweet to salt, WOW! Snus' large repertoire will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

About WOW Snus

If you like flavoured snus, WOW! is the snus to try. With several different flavours and one extra strong, they have managed to take a lot of the market share from their competition. This is thanks to the high quality ingredients, and, in particular, its long-lasting taste. The snus is packaged in white portions with a nicotine content of 8 mg/g in general, and a box contains a total of 22 pouches. Their extra strong snus, which comes in the flavour Summer Honey Explosion, is packed in white dry portions and has a nicotine content of a rock-solid 43 mg/g. The dry portion creates an explosive experience under your lip, and if that's what you're looking for in your snus, this is the product for you.

WOW! Snus is the perfect choice for those looking for a nice flavoured snus. The brand stands for quality, and if you are on the hunt for a salty or strong experience, you can be sure that this snus will deliver every time.

Why WOW is unique

Why is WOW! Snus unique? It is a question where the answer varies depending on who you ask. Some people would say it's the nice taste, and others would say it's the eye-catching box.

When it comes to the different flavours, although not many are available yet, the ones that are available are of a very high standard. Currently, WOW! Snus offers three different flavours, which are also called "retro flavours" - salty liquorice, honey and wintermint. All of the flavours are slowly released under your lip, thanks to the fact that they come as white portion snus. The salty liquorice is flavoured with a mixture of both liquorice and salmiakki, which gives it a well-balanced and salty taste. The honey flavour is mixed with delicious elderflower and lemon, but there is still a significant taste of smooth honey. Wintermint is a wonderful mint experience, and many people will be reminded of the old chewing gum Jenka, whose distinctive aroma and taste is stuck in many peoples' memories. The flavours are well-balanced and have gotten very good reviews by users, especially because of their long-lasting taste.

The boxes are very eye-catching with their bright colours; sunshine yellow for honey, carbon black for liquorice and neon green for the mint flavour. With the brand name printed in capital letters on the lid, it’s impossible to mistake it for any other snus than WOW!. The package does not come with any other surprises, and the box is easy to open and close. The portions inside are slightly smaller than snus usually are, but they give a familiar and comfortable feeling under your lip. Although the boxes are not in any way discreet, they are still good-looking and suitable for most social contexts.

About the manufacturer

The manufacturers behind WOW! Snus are no less than the Swedish companies Gajane and GN Tobacco Sweden. Both companies have long experience in the industry in terms of import and export, development and production, as well as sales and distribution of tobacco. With such broad expertise, it is almost impossible that their mission will fail. Quite the opposite, the result has been a success, with many famous brands of snus; Oden's and Islay Whiskey being just two examples of that.

Gajane is based in Järfälla, outside Stockholm in Sweden, and has more than a decade of experience when it comes to production of snus. Since they started cooperating with GN Tobacco, the production has moved to top notch, modern factories in Enköping and Bispgården. Snus of all kinds are produced here, from WOW! portions to loose snus and chewing tobacco, as well as in all shapes and sizes, from Dry Long to Slim and from White Mini to Maxi. The nicotine content varies depending on the brand.

While GN Tobacco is primarily responsible for production and development, Gajane is the distributor. Gajane currently holds over 700 different products of tobacco around the world and is the second largest distributor in Sweden. In addition to snus, they are proud producers of both cigarillos and cigars. For the ones who know their stuff, it probably rings a bell when names such as SABOR del Pasado and Conquistador are mentioned.

In other words, there are solid and quality-conscious companies behind the success of WOW! Snus. With long experience, modern production and good knowledge when it comes to the snus customers' demands, they create new brands used and loved by snus enthusiasts around the world.

Who is WOW produced for

So who is WOW! Snus' intended customer? The answer is a given, everyone who appreciates flavoured snus! With high quality, long-lasting taste and a satisfying nicotine experience, this is a snus to suit everyone.

Of course your taste buds play a big part, and the only way to know if this is a snus that suits you, is to try it. Perhaps you will find a new favourite to alternate your everyday snus with, or you'll find a new and long-lasting love story.

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