Special Offers

Here you can find our special offers on quality snus at a really good price. Why pay more when you can pay less? This is a question that we at SnusDirect think that you as a customer and a snus user should always ask yourself.

Everyone who chooses to order snus online knows that it is far cheaper than to obtain your box of snus in the store. Besides being cheaper, it is also convenient; you can easily order enough boxes to your home to fill up your monthly stock to keep in your fridge. And of course, if you buy a large quantity, you should also be rewarded.

Fill Up Your Stock and Save Money

We always have good prices on our webpage, but sometimes we want to be able to offer more than that. Therefore, we have created a page full of special offers. On this webpage you will find our special offers, which include both regular snus and moist snus from our different manufacturers. Here we collect several of our customer's favourites that are currently on special offer, sale or clearance sale.

Our selection is both big and wide in range, and therefore we always want to be able to offer a few selected products at a very good price. Here you can find snus from all categories, from original design to extreme white portion snus. You will also find products not only with a classic tobacco taste, but also those with tasty added flavours. Even different levels of nicotine are represented in our selection. Please note that the offers can change depending on popularity, and we always take a possible clearance into account. In our shop it is clearly stated how many boxes are included in each package and also how much you will save by purchasing them.

The big advantage of using our special offers is, of course, that you as a customer will save money, which is never a bad idea. When buying a product, not only will you save a good deal of money, you’ll also get a couple of extra snus boxes for the value of the original price. It is important to fill up your stock when you have the opportunity, so keep looking for your favourite since it can appear at any moment in this category. And here’s some good advice; be prepared to act fast, our promotion offers have a tendency to sell out rather quickly.

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