General snus

General snus

The Quest For Taste, Quality & Flavors

Created over 150 years ago by the Swedish entrepreneur Johan Boman, General Snus is one of the world’s oldest and most popular snus brands still in existence today. Known for his rich tastes and high expectations of quality, Boman created a unique blend of tobacco and complex flavors which soon became wildly popular in his hometown of Gothenburg, with many of its residents inquiring if they could purchase some of his delicious tasting snus. After partnering with tobacco producer Ferdinand Körner in 1850, the pair were finally able to begin manufacturing Boman’s creation on an industrial level in 1866.

General Today

Now a member of the Swedish Match family of snus, General has a unique taste comprising over 20 types of tobacco, as well as hints of bergamot and a touch of pepper a taste which millions of people across the world have come to love and enjoy. Boman’s original formula continues to remain in use this day, with only slight tweaks to can and portion design.

The General family of snus is now manufactured by Swedish Match in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the factory there strictly adheres to Swedish Match’s stringent quality standards known as Gothiatek. According to Swedish Match, the Gothiatek manufacturing process is comprised of the following principles:

● Establishment of maximum permitted levels of undesirable substances found naturally in tobacco plants
● Raw material quality requirements
● Manufacturing process requirements
● Consumer product information requirements

Furthermore, snus is regulated as a food product in Sweden, and therefore General Snus is prepared with the same hygienic standards expected of food, giving consumers piece of mind when enjoying their General product of choice.

Continued innovation with General Snus

Aside from being one of the oldest snus brands on the market, General has also been a brand which isn’t afraid to innovate. In 1977 it became the first snus brand available in the portion format, which continues to remain highly popular to this day. Swedish Match is still innovating today with the recent development and release of General Tailored. Tailored has the same Classic General taste you’ve come to love and enjoy, except with a new portion material dubbed ‘NATUFIBE’. According to Swedish Match, NATUFIBE “is a natural material consisting of one type of plant fiber, which is mixed with tobacco meal for improved properties in the form of soft pouch and optimized fit.” The end result of this new type of portion material is a reduction in drip and an overall increase in comfort for consumers. In the present day, nearly every member of the General family is now available in Swedish Match’s patented star formation. Portions come prewedged and shaped in a circular form to ensure that you receive a consistent experience every time you use General. Today, General snus is available in a number of formats including long portion, mini, white, strong, extra strong, Onyx, loose, tailored, and licorice. Although the formats may be different, each member of the General lineup retains the same high quality and distinct flavor of the original General.

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