General Classic Extra Strong

Extra Strong Portion
General Classic Extra Strong
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Extra Strong Portion

Weight / Snus: 40.00 g / 22.00 g

Strength: Extra Strong

General Extra Strong Portion is the strongest General snus, yet contains a rich tobacco character.

The portion version of General Extra Strong traces its roots to an 1850s recipe, and even though it’s new in portion form, it maintains the characteristic General taste present in every pinch.

Water 47.5 %
Nicotine 1.4 %
Salt 3 %

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, humectant (E1520), flavor enhancer (sodium chloride), acidity regulator (E500), licorice, salmiac, aromas (including smoke aroma).

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January 17, 2021
Great Snus
This is a great snus. One of my favorites. Even though I prefer lös, it's not always practical, especially in the work environment, so this is my go to.
Van Ward
May 31, 2020
All day every day
I've tried dozens of flavors and strengths of snus. I keep coming back to this one. The flavor is that of tobacco with a touch of blood orange. The flavor and nicotine last for a good hour, it's uncommon to forget that you have one in. A can usually lasts 2 days for me, so it's a good all around value. This is my everyday snus.
Joel Edwards
February 26, 2020
A true classic
Elegantly designed can that actually feels mildly more robust than its American counterpart. The flavor is an absolute classic. Rich dark tobacco, notes of leather, and a beautiful bergamot note to set the tobacco off even more. I'm from the US, and I was using the general classic US portions, and I have to say the using the extra strong, the tin lasts me about twice as long. A classic flavor with a kick like a mule, elegant packaging, and a great price. You truly can't go wrong.