Loose Snus

Loose Snus

The Story Behind Loose Snus

Dating back to the early Nineteenth Century, loose is the oldest form of snus available today. As the name implies, loose snus comes without any portion material covering it and users must form their own portions prior to use. Compared to portioned pouches, loose snus gives users greater control over the amount of snus they can use at once, and a can of loose generally contains about twice the amount of snus as a can of portioned snus for the same price (making it an attractive option if you‘re on a budget!). Some users claim that loose snus also has a better taste profile, but that’s up to you to decide! The majority of portioned snus brands are also available in loose format, and some brands are exclusively loose. Some popular brands of loose snus include Ettan (8mg of nicotine) and Goteborg’s Rape (8mg of nicotine).

Different Styles Of Loose

One major way (besides taste) in which loose snus brands differ from their portioned counterparts is that there is an array of different grinds used by different brands. Loose snus grinds range between very fine (Oden’s) to coarse (Offroad Long Cut) which has a consistency similar to American dipping tobacco. The type of grind used by a snus brand is important to take into consideration because it can determine how well your portions hold together, as well as how much drip they produce. Generally, finely ground snus tends to be harder to form portions from and is also more susceptible to drip than the coarser grinds. As a result, new loose snus users are recommended to try coarser brands first in order to get the hang of working with loose.

Aside from the grind type, loose snus is also available in a wide array of nicotine strengths ranging from average strength (General Loose with 8mg of nicotine per gram) to ultra strong (Oden’s Extreme, 22mg/gram). Because users can vary the amount of snus they use to make each portion (the average range is between .5g­2g), it is important to take into consideration how many mg of nicotine each brand of loose contains (as well as how many grams of loose snus you plan to use each time). For example, using 2 grams of General Loose would have 16mg of nicotine, whereas 2 grams of Oden’s Extreme will have a whopping 44mg!

Tools For Loose

Although loose can be cheaper than portioned snus, it does have the downside of being more difficult to form a consistent portion and it can be inconvenient to use while out in public (especially when it comes time to remove a portion). Aside from practice, some people choose to use an IceTool to form their loose snus with ease. IceTools come in a range of different sizes and are manufactured out of durable aluminum which ensures that they last a long time. Current varieties of IceTool available are 3mL and 5mL sizes, and they are offered in a range of colors. To compare prices of loose and portion check out our selection of all snus brands

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