All White Snus

All White Snus

The All White snus is getting more and more popular, and it’s no wonder. When you keep an All White snus in your pocket or bag you can use your snus while smiling with non-stained teeth. This dry snus doesn´t release as much tobacco juice and it also brings a long-lasting and good flavour where the tobacco smell is not as present. Enjoy a really good snus in an even better format.

All White snus is a pretty recent concept which has kept the advantages of the white portions while reducing or eliminating other unwanted effects. The most common denominator for an All White snus is the dry and marble white portions, but there may be individual differences between the different products, so you can easily find the perfect variety for you. Some of them have less amount of tobacco, others are completely tobacco free, and some are made by washed tobacco or are, for example, mixed with cellulose. But the nicotine is still present. Below we will give a number of strong and overall advantages of All White portion snus.

A modern alternative

All White snus is not like the traditional white snus. These varieties are made of fibres, and in some cases, a small amount of light tobacco. Many of the manufacturers have removed the tobacco and replaced it in full. The effect? The snus is white before, during and after use. One of the advantages of that is that you don´t need to worry about getting stained teeth, which has previously been an inevitable side effect from snus. Another advantage is that the defining smell of snus is removed or reduced heavily when you use All White snus instead of regular snus products. The reasons for switching over to All White snus are plenty and we can only note that the snus of the future is on its way. Some of it is already here in the shape of fabulous products, and more are to come.

Snus which maintains its flavour

All White snus is a unique concept which keeps your portion fresh, while the taste lasts longer. By using technology and carefully chosen ingredients these portions will have a longer lasting taste than that which many snus users are used to. To that we can add exiting taste varieties like coffee, citrus, mint or liquorice. We are used to these flavours only lasting for minutes, but today the snus manufacturers can offer the customers a taste experience that goes beyond the usual. In addition, most brands have chosen to remove tobacco from the products, so the tobacco flavour has disappeared completely from the portion. While doing so they have managed to keep the same level of nicotine as well as the great snus experience. That is what we call a snus for everyone!

But is this really an alternative for those who desire the taste of tobacco? Yes, many of our All White snus comes from manufactures that mix in a portion of tobacco. Even though it is not a pure tobacco flavour, there will be nuances of it in combination with exotic or classical flavours. Please have a look at our assortment - here you will easily find which manufacturers use tobacco in their production.

Less runny and offers a softer character

The new All White portions are not only marble white - they are also dry. Previously the regular white portion snus was the best option for those who want to avoid the runny feel given by loose snus and regular portions. White portion snus succeeded pretty well, but didn´t manage to entirely remove the runny element of the suns. The new All White portions are as close to a “non-runny” snus as you can get today on the Swedish snus market, and when compared to previous models, there is minimal runniness. Please note that the taste experience does not change significantly - the snus tastes just as good as before. In fact some of the all white products are among the strongest snus products.

One major advantage with All White snus is the soft make of the portion bags. The marble white tobacco and the looser fibres give the snus a soft porous character. This causes the portion to be shaped after the lip in a natural way where the previously tattered feeling disappears. Not only does your gum’s health improve with All White snus, they are also much more discreet when compared to other snus products. Those who want to use their snus unnoticed have been presented with an excellent option when it comes to using snus in public – anywhere and anytime.

A snus that´s growing in popularity

When the white portions arrived on the market, many switched from original portions or loose snus to the lighter bags. This is due to them being less runny, thereby giving people the opportunity to use snus discreetly, while preserving a brighter smile. In the All White snus you will find an even better option for all users who wish to enjoy nicotine and pleasant flavours, without showing off their snus or drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Today there are almost one million users of snus in Sweden, a number that is constantly growing. Even though men still dominate when it comes to using snus, more women are starting to view snus as a better option to smoking. It is likely that the introduction of portion snus and its development are playing major roles in the increase of using snus among people in general, and women in particular. We can also state that many people today view white portion snus as the best option when it comes to enjoying tobacco while reducing risks and negative effects. In our assortment you will find several All White alternatives made by competent manufacturers.

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