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One of the most revolutionary happenings in the snus world was the arrival of white bags because they allowed for a longer and more even flavour and nicotine release. Shortly after their birth came the birth of slim bags that gave the snuser extreme comfort and discretion. These two combined have created products that have become so impressively popular in a short time that original products have really just taken a back seat. But these new categories of snus have also brought about a change in flavouring; there are fewer traditional snus types being released than before and in most of the new products flavouring agents have been added such as mint. I dare say that every brand has at least one mint flavoured product in their assortment. In terms of this, AG Snus, the manufacturer behind U-Sample, have done an amazing thing.

Instead of speaking entirely to their mint, slim white snus fans AG Snus (the manufacturer behind U-Sample) are loyal also to their traditional fans which we love to see. U-Sample’s impressive lineup means there will be a product for every snus fan and these are all manufactured by using the best ingredients and highest quality tobacco plants – what’s there not to love?

From Assens Tobaksfabrik to AG Snus

Although snus has always had some part to play in the portfolio of Assens Tobaksfabrik, it hasn’t always been its lead singer. For many years Assens Tobaksfabrik was mainly producing pipe tobacco for porcelain pipes because during their first few years as an established business this was what their consumers wished for. The market demand for pipe tobacco was huge, and the company grew enormously during their time of pipe tobacco manufacture. But being a company that listens to their consumer’s demands, this of course all changed when they noticed that smokeless alternatives were becoming increasingly popular. The year 2004 Assens Tobaksfabrik created a branch entirely dedicated to their snus production, AG Snus, and with this came the establishing of a new factory for snus. Within a few months their first snus product saw the light of day - Fiedler and Lundgren! The year 2019 U-Sample was born where the first three products to be released were U-Sample No.5 Original Slim White, U-Sample No.7 Slim Sweet Mint and U-Sample No. 15 Slim Licorice Mint.

This lineup provided our snus market with a product for every snuser, the Original Slim White has a delicious tobacco character with spicy notes of pepper and a refreshing citrus taste that gives you a touch of sweetness. The Sweet Mint, however, is a snus for the mint lover and has delectable notes of vanilla that works so well in combination with the sweet mint. A tasty snus both in terms of flavour and aroma! Finally, the licorice fan will be happy to know that there is a Slim Licorice Mint just waiting for you. Here you will be greeted by a savoury licorice character that has the perfect combination between sweet and salty and is finished off with a refreshing mint taste. To be honest, if you are a true snus fan you will love any of these!

Innovative Minds

There is a lot more to producing a good snus product than one may think. It is important to get the flavour right, sure, and the nicotine levels – yes, those too. But without the correct raw materials, teamwork, knowledge and finesse you really won’t succeed and that’s why AG Snus have managed so well with their 5 generations worth of expertise running through the same family. The innovative ideas have been passed down for generations which is clearly displayed in all of their products. As their consumer’s demands change over time, so do they, and new products have come to life thanks to this such as Shiro – a whole new category of snus that contains nicotine but is completely tobacco free.

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