Granit snus

Granit snus

Low Price High Quality

Granit is a relatively new snus brand that was launched by Fiedler & Lundgren back in 2004, with the aim to give fans of the traditional snus flavour a high quality product with great taste and at a reasonable price! The flavour base of all Granit products is a delicious and very powerful tobacco character coupled with a hint of citrus and pepper. Granit delivers a strong snus experience and comes in a variety of different formats.

Low priced snus products rarely give the same flavour and nicotine feel as regular priced products, but Fiedler & Lundgren have truly managed to capture the high quality experience we all want in a snus. To add to this experience they have created great looking cans with a clever and very practical “hole” on the catchlid to make it easier to open. It is obvious that experience really matters in the snus industry and the manufacturer of Granit has tonnes that can be traced all the way back to 1783. Granit is simply everything you look for in a great snus; it has delicious taste, great affordability, luxurious quality and cool looking, practical cans.

A Snus for the Connoisseur

Snus and Sweden are two rather synonymous terms nowadays, much like Sweden and Ikea, Zlatan and so on, and I suppose that makes sense since we have been creating and innovating in this sector for many hundreds of years. Granit is a premium snus brand aimed at the snus connoisseur who wants an affordable product without having to compromise on neither flavour nor quality. Being the brand of a well-respected (and very old, I dare say) snus manufacturer Granit's great success was a given. Fiedler & Lundgren began their operations over a whopping 200 hundred years ago! They have gone through a fair share of setbacks and tough times, as has any large firm with a long history. But they persevered and matured, developed and refined their techniques in all levels of snus manufacture only to become the solid ground on which Granit and other brands are produced today.

Fiedler & Lundgren

The story of Fiedler & Lundgren begins in 1783 when Samuel Fiedler opened his first snus manufacturing facility in Gothenburg. The first few years in the snus industry were rather turbulent for Fiedler & Lundgren as the founder Samuel Fiedler died shortly after the startup, followed by the death of his grandson. Then, in 1915, there was the nationalization of all tobacco production in Sweden as a result of an increasingly desperate government that needed to raise funds during times of war. This hindered further production for the firm and they moved their operations to Denmark where they could thrive for many years. The tobacco monopoly was abolished in the 1960's but it wasn't until 2002 that Fiedler & Lundgren finally started up in Sweden again, but this time in Malmö, south of Sweden. Today, their team consists of over 90 employees whom through hard work, passion and creativity are the pillars of Fiedler & Lundgren's great lineup of products.

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