Islay Whisky

Islay whiskey is a high-quality premium brand made with only the finest produced tobacco blended with luxurious single malt scotch whiskey. This combination makes the product stand out and many American snusers love the uniqueness of the mix between tobacco and whiskey. Islay whiskey is delivered in different snus formats such as white, original, and of course loose and they all have medium nicotine content of 12 mg/g. As if the special flavor is not enough it is delivered in a classy metal can with unique production numbers which is the cherry on top with this premium brand.

About Islay Whiskey

The manufacturer behind Islay whiskey is GN tobacco, an experienced manufacturer with a lot of knowledge within the tobacco industry. They started to develop Islay whiskey in 2013, aiming for an exclusive high-quality snus and were not satisfied with the result until several years later. The snus is manufactured in Jämtland, Sweden, made with the only the finest tobacco from Nicaragua and South Africa. The quality is of outmost importance and this is highly noticeable in the taste and the design of the can. Many snus devotees prefer high quality snus and are ready to pay a little bit extra for an extraordinary experience that you receive from Islay whiskey.

Who might enjoy Islay Whiskey?

Islay Whiskey is a fine premium snus made for snus enthusiasts craving a unique snus made with love. It has an exciting and extraordinary taste, mainly due to the impressive tobacco treatment and the high-quality single malt scotch whiskey. The snus is moist and has a fast and powerful taste development, it will release its yummy flavors instantly. Are you a fan of tobacco and Whiskey? Then this snus is definitely a must-try and not to be missed! Islay Whisky is perfect for the American who wishes to quit dipping, as it offers a similar tobacco experience without the need to spit!

Five reasons why Americans choose Islay Whiskey

There are many reasons to love Islay Whisky, but for the modern snuser who looks for discreet alternatives Islay may be a bit too much, both in terms of how much drip it produces and famous lip-bulge. But on the American market, Islay has seen enormous popularity thanks to its similarity to famous dip brands like Copenhagen! Below are some of the other reasons why Islay has seen such success in the US:

  1. 1. Superior taste and quality - Much like the name indicates, this is a snus with whiskey taste. It sounds simple, but it is more than that! The high-quality tobacco is dark and earthy with a clear and clean taste thanks to the unique manufacturing process where it is aged in whiskey barrels. The earthy flavor is followed by a distinct taste of smokey single malt scotch whiskey from the Scottish island Islay. The exclusive and smokey whiskey taste is a perfect sidekick to the bold tobacco!
  2. 2. Luxurious can design - Islay Whiskey comes in an eye-catching metal can, that will impress all your friends, snusers or not! Each can has an individual production number to ensure that the snus is exclusive; it is produced in smaller batches to make sure the quality is top notch. This unusual can design adds to the exclusive touch and it makes your experience different.  
  3. 3. Unique tobacco - To achieve the clear tobacco taste, the producer sweats the snus in special heating rooms instead of the common pasteurization method. The sweating method is how they used to do it back in the days before the mass productions started to become popular. The high-quality tobacco is stored in whiskey barrels and then flavored with exclusive single malt scotch whiskey from the Scottish island Islay. This procedure makes the tobacco cleaner, and yet another reason that this snus suits the finest snus connoisseurs in the US and Europe.
  4. 4. Islay Whiskey Loose - The high net weight in Islay Whiskey Loose is unique, it contains 50 grams which is more than in regular loose snus. This is great news for European loose snus lovers that want their premium snus to last even longer! The quality of the tobacco makes it very easy to hand bake and more suitable for loose newbies than many other brands. The high amount in each can will result in more prillas, or bigger prillas as is popular among ex-dippers, for a reasonable price!
  5. 5. Different formats - This snus comes in white, original and loose so it is suitable for all kinds of users. White snus is drier with a naturally less drip with the advantage that it may not stain your teeth as much and the taste lasts longer – a phenomenon that has become increasingly popular on the European market. Original portion is moister with even more taste and runniness, perhaps a great fit for an experienced user looking for a quick and flavorful release. Loose is a classic, for users that want maximum amount of taste and runniness. You bake the portions yourself so you can choose the size of your portions.

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