Islay Whisky Loose

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Islay Whisky Loose
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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: loose snus

Weight / Snus: 80.00 g / 50.00 g

Strength: 12 mg/g

There is a high market demand of whiskey flavored snus and to satisfy the craving we offer the exclusive Islay Whiskey loose. It is a top-quality snus made with the finest tobacco accompanied with aged single malt whiskey from Scotland. The tobacco used in the snus is prepared in specialized heating rooms instead of pasteurization and the result is a cleaner flavor. This snus one of a kind, developed with the pickiest snus connoisseurs in mind – it is made by snus lovers for snus lovers!

Loose snus has plenty of great advantages – you can choose the size of the portion yourself and the taste will be released immediately! The nicotine content is medium high with 12 mg/g. Islay Whiskey loose is delivered in a luxurious metal can that is marked with a unique number and this adds to the high-quality touch. This is craftmanship all the way through from the content to the design of the can.

GN tobacco is the manufacturer behind Islay Whiskey and they worked extremely hard for three years before they were satisfied with the outcome of this premium brand. It is a product that is developed with high quality in mind and it is highly noticeable in every aspect!

Nicotine 12 mg/g

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, flavor enhancers (saline), acidity regulating agent (E500), humectant (E1520), salmiak, aromas including smoke flavor.

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March 20, 2021
Great snus on all counts
I absolutely love this stuff! It's very easy to handbake a solid prilla and the flavor is all but divine. A smoky and deep tobacco profile, the snus is as refined as the can looks
John Shoe
February 8, 2021
Get more than you think you'll want
This is perhaps the best whisky snus on the market. Good flavor, stays where it's put, stays together like my grandfolks did. My only qualm is a slight bitter feeling when I've run the can. Now if the manufacturer sold a mini bottle with every can or roll, I would fight anyone that begs to differ. ; )
Malcolm Meetze
December 1, 2020
Interesting Snus!
This is an interesting snus... it reminds me of an open bottle of whisky in an old Scottish farmhouse in the highlands. I think it smells like peat (which I like!) with a hint of smoke. I prefer this as an after dinner/evening snus. Its nice to break out for a special occasion. The only dislike I have is the consistency, I prefer a more clay like snus similar to Odens extreme or prima fint