How do I read expire date?

Reading the expire date of snus is not always easy. Especially if you don’t understand any Swedish. Also Swedish date format is not always the same as American date format. More about that below.

For all snus the expire date is printed at the bottom of the can. The date format is usually "ddmmyyyy" or "dd-mm-yyyy". However for some products, dedicated to the US market, the format is "mm dd yyyy".

Usually cans also have information printed about the date of manufacture.

Here are some examples:

Jakobssons by Gotlandssnus

Gotlandssnus expire date
Date of manufacture (sv. Tillverkat): 14072015 (14th of July 2015)
Expire date (sv. Bäst före): 14012016 (14th of January 2016)

Skruf snus

Skruf expire date
Expire date (sv. Bäst före): 26-10-2015 (26th of October 2015)
Date of manufacture (sv. Tillv.dag): 11-05-2015 (11th of May 2015)

Swedish Match

Expire date Swedish Match
Date of manufacture (sv. Tillv): 19082015 (19th of August 2015)
Expire date (sv. Bäst före): 06012016 (6th of January 2016)

Swedish Match (American products)

Swedish Match American products expire date
For example: General Mint, General Wintergreen, General Mini Mint, General Nordic Mint, General Classic Blend and some versions of General Portion, General White Portion and General Loose.
Expire date (Best before): 12 21 2015 (21st of December 2015)