EU snus ban

Sweden has its own, home-grown variety of tobacco and that is snus. It is different from snuff which is inhaled from the nose, from oral chewing tobacco which is put in the mouth and from cigarettes, though it is a tobacco product. Snus is not chewed, not inhaled, but it is an oral tobacco product, since it is put under the upper lip and left to dissolve. The nicotine is absorbed though the mouth and into the blood stream. However, unlike cigarettes which result in dangerous passive smoking and chewing tobacco which needs to be spat out, snus is a more discreet form of oral smokeless tobacco which does not affect anybody else except the user.

The EU snus ban

In 1995 Sweden became part of EU. But in 1992, EU had already banned 1992 all oral tobacco products, specifically targeting snus. Since Sweden had a long history of snus usage, it was granted exemption from this ban. What this meant was that while Sweden could manufacture and sell snus to its citizens it could not legally sell it in the EU countries.

When the EU was formed, it was supposed to encourage free trade and movement among the member countries among other things. But this strange ban on the sale of snus in other EU countries raised the hackles of snus aficionados in Europe and elsewhere. After all, other tobacco products are not affected by this ban – only snus.

Can you buy snus online?

It is illegal for any site to sell snus online in EU countries. Till the ban is lifted and EU comes around to Sweden’s point of view, the situation is not going to change. follow legal norms and do not ship snus to countries within the European Union. It can only be ordered locally in Sweden and online outside the European Union.

Meanwhile the European Commission has agreed to look into the ban since the Swedish government has asked it to. The new tobacco law, if put into effect by the EU, may offer a ray of hope to snus users and manufacturers across Europe as well.

How about tobacco free snus and nicotine pouches?

You're absolutely right, products that do not contain any tobacco are in fact allowed. We offer a vast selection of tobacco free alternatives on, check it out!

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