All brands and snus flavors

Today’s Swedish snus consumers are able to choose from a vast selection of various brands and types. Consumers ordering online can choose among various tastes, strengths, sizes and packages. In addition, there’s also the option to choose a snus with higher nicotine content – or a snus completely devoid of nicotine and tobacco.

By ordering on the Internet, you’ll also find a far larger assortment of snus brands than you’d normally find in tobacconists.

Best Swedish snus

The following brands are considered among the best Swedish snus brands there is. Some released just recently while others have been on top of the list for decades.

Top 10 Swedish snus brands:

  • General snus
  • Ettan snus
  • Skruf snus
  • Göteborgs Rapé
  • Grov snus
  • Epok snus
  • Siberia snus
  • Jacobssons Snus
  • Kaliber snus
  • Nick & Johnny

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