Mörkbrunt Snus

Mörkbrunt Snus

The history behind Mörkbrunt snus, aka dark brown snus, is what makes it special, the first launch of the original snus is uncertain but it is estimated to be around 1916. It originates in Charlottenberg in Sweden in a factory called Tobaksfabriken. One thing Swedish Match knows for certain is that two versions were available at the time, nr 1 and nr 2.

Swedish Match stopped producing Mörkbrunt snus around 1998, they have now tried their best to mimic the original with todays techniques and methods together with their experts. The result was launched 2018 with dark tobacco characteristics and smoky elements along with hints of dried fruit. 

Tools For Loose

Although loose can be cheaper than portioned snus, it does have the downside of being more difficult to form a consistent portion and it can be inconvenient to use while out in public (especially when it comes time to remove a portion). Aside from practice, some people choose to use an IceTool to form their loose snus with ease. IceTools come in a range of different sizes and are manufactured out of durable aluminum which ensures that they last a long time. Current varieties of IceTool available are 3mL and 5mL sizes, and they are offered in a range of colors. To compare prices of loose and portion check out our selection of all snus brands

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    Mörkbrunt Loose

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