The name Gotland conjures up images of pristine beaches, a summer night's mild breeze coming in from the sea, a verdant, pleasant landscape of lush trees and pretty flowers in bloom, of picturesque villages, evenings spent drinking chilled wine on the terrace of your holiday home: in short, of paradise. If famed producer Gotlandssnus keeps up the brilliant work it's been doing lately, however, snus may well be added to people's list of associations whenever the name Gotland props up. From its inception in the kitchen of snus maestro Henrik Jakobsson in 2002, Gotlandssnus has gone from strength to strength, gradually establishing itself as a favourite producer among snus aficionados around the world. The secrets behind its astonishing success is simple. In the same manner that a wine producer knows how to get the absolute most out of his grapes, Jakobsson and his talented crew have an intuitive understanding of how to combine the best ingredients for maximum effect.

Finding the balance

Whether you're looking for regular snus or the nicotine-free alternative, Gotlandssnus can offer a wide range of truly excellent products that have delighted and enthralled consumers since 2002. One thing that many consumers have noted about Gotlandssnus' products is how they all feel great under the lip. Finding the exact right balance between dryness and runniness is one of the main challenges involved in the making of snus. We honestly don't know which is worse: a snus that starts dripping after five minutes, choking you in juice and discolouring your teeth horribly, or a snus that is so dry that you might as well take it out and replace with a shard of glass. This choice between acute discomfort and horrendous pain is not an easy one, but in recent years the advances made in this field means that we are no longer constantly faced with it. Gotlandssnus' products are a good case in point. Put simply, they just feel great, being neither too small or too big, too wet or too dry.

The triumph of the will

We all love the real-life stories of small companies that through a mix of ingenuity, guts and daring successfully take on the big boys head on. Like in all other markets, it is incredibly hard for newcomers in the snus world to make headway against the major established companies, but the success of Gotlandssnus amply demonstrates that it is still possible. And while we're still waiting for the movie about Gotlandssnus' unlikely march to worldly fame and success, we can do our bit by selflessly enjoying their products.

Nothing is impossible – all you need is courage (and some good snus)

Following its motto “Nothing is impossible – all you need is courage” to the letter, Gotlandssnus has carved a place for itself in the snus market through its high-quality products and clever marketing strategy. Having succeeded in everything they have tried so far, there is every reason to conclude that the Gotlandic geniuses are here to stay.

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