Knekt Snus

Knekt Snus

A Commitment to Quality and Taste

Knekt follows the original Swedish snus traditions when it comes to flavour and sizing. Knekt snus is a predominately tobacco flavoured snus, slightly smoky and flavoured with tones of bergamot and liquorice. Bergamot is a fruit close in size and flavour to an orange, but with the tanginess of lemon; it’s the addition of bergamot that gives the snus an undertone of citrus.  Smoky tobacco, bergamot, and citrus give Knekt snus all the classic traits that snus users will recognise as the traditional taste of Swedish snus. Also, in keeping with original snus, Knekt is a moist snus, which means it has gone through the final process of adding a small amount of water to the snus, and thus turning it from white to tan.

With Comfort in Mind

The portion sizes of Knekt tend to be slightly smaller than that of most other snus brands, not going as far as being mini, just a lighter version of the original size. This difference in sizing makes the portion more comfortable in the mouth and allows the user to hold it under the lip for longer. The flavour remains strong throughout, with a touch of saltiness towards the end. The premium quality tobacco is clearly present when tasting the snus, as the tobacco has a well-rounded flavour with a smokiness that is not overpowering to the palette. The addition of salmiak (salted liquorice) to the flavouring, in particular, enhances the taste of the tobacco and creates an extremely pleasant experience for the snus user.

The packaging has also seen ever improving tweaks to the design of the can and the logo. Its latest offering is sleek and comfortable to handle, and the new design, with its muted colour scheme of browns and blacks adheres to the theme of being a tobacco centric product.

With constant brand improvement, new and old snus users can enjoy improved flavour and quality. Reasonably priced, Knekt is one of the better snus offerings on the market, providing both excellent taste and catering to those of lower budgets without a product quality downgrade. The company’s ability to listen to their client’s needs and wants and to react to them accordingly is also a refreshing change in this business-oriented world.

About Fiedler and Lundgren

The ethos of Fiedler and Lundgren is to offer a pure and strong taste to their clientele. It is currently the second largest snus company in the whole of Sweden, and now has many recognizable brands, as well as the recent addition of Knekt. Following its particularly high and stringent self-imposed standards, Fiedler and Lundgren has always ensured that their product remains at a high level of quality, able to easily compete with any and all competitors. Their success is based on the fact that they use nothing but the highest quality tobacco leaf, and carefully measure the exact amount and concentrate of any essential oils that are used in their snus. This ensures that the quality of the product remains consistently strong.

With over 200 years of experience behind them, Fiedler and Lundgren has long established itself as a company at the forefront of the Swedish tobacco industry, and now enjoy immense popularity not just in Sweden but also across Europe.

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