General Variation

General Variation

Released in early 2014 by the tobacco giant Swedish Match, General Variation is a newly introduced series of premium snus which joins the already impressive General lineup and is manufactured in Swedish Match’s factory situated in Gothenburg. Members of the General Variation series are produced by carefully following Johan Bonam’s original 1866 recipe for General and then adding flavors designed to enhance the original recipe. Presently, the Variation series consists of two brands; Rustic Blend and Smoky Oak, both of which introduce complex new flavors while staying true to the spirit of General Original. Carefully selected to enhance Bonam’s recipe, both Smoky Oak and Rustic Blend are appreciated by a wide range of snus users who enjoy the taste of General Original yet would like to introduce new flavors as complements to an old favorite. Interestingly, Smoky Oak has larger portions and is slightly higher in nicotine compared to Rustic Blend.

Smoaky Oak

A tobacco dominant snus brand, Smoky Oak is said to have a spicy full­bodied tobacco flavor with hints of herbs, citrus (bergamot), pepper, and woody notes in the background. The overall flavor is reminiscent of General Original, but adds in a hint of smoked oak and other types of weed. In turn, this puts an interesting new spin on the original General tobacco and produces a smoky richness unlike anything else. As time passes, the bergamot becomes less perceptible and the flavor increasingly smoky, giving rise to hints of hickory and leather. Smoky Oak is an original portion snus with a moisture content of about 51%, and each portion of smoky oak contains 1 gram of snus with approximately 8.5mg of nicotine each, making it slightly stronger (and larger) than the average snus brand.

Rustic Blend

Much like its counterpart Smoky Oak, Rustic Blend is also a tobacco dominant snus with its roots in Bonam’s original recipe for General. Containing strong aromas of spicy roasted tobacco, Rustic takes General’s classic tobacco taste and pairs it with subtle hints of dried fruit and hay fields. The tobacco later takes on a roasted aspect as the herbal undertones begin to subside. Rustic Blend is available with 0.9 grams of snus and a nicotine content of about 7mg per portion, rendering it slightly weaker than than most regular snus brands.

A Future Filled With Variety

With the first two entrants in the General Variation series already proving to be popular due to their new takes on an old favorite, Swedish Match has hinted that more flavors will be added to the Variation lineup sometime in the near future. Although General Variation is positioned as a premium snus, neither offering currently makes use of Swedish Match’s patented Natufibe portions, nor do they come arranged in Swedish Match’s wedged star formation. However, it is possible that Swedish Match will make use of these innovations in the new future for both brands in a manner similar to other members of the General Snus family.

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